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My Bio
I am a natural science illustrator based in NY

Favourite Visual Artist
Luis V. Rey, John Gurche
Favourite Movies
Jurassic Park, Jaws, Black Panther
Favourite TV Shows
Critical Role, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Glow, Turn
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Missy Elliott, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Norah Jones, Rob Thomas
Favourite Books
Name of the Wind, Throne of the Crescent Moon
Favourite Writers
Tamora Pierce, Patrick Rothfuss, Saladin Ahmed
Favourite Games
Mount and Blade, Guild Wars
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, Colored Pencils, Watercolor, Graphite, Time
Hi folks! I'm switching to every other week for regular episodes until May as I work on my next anthology. In March, between the two regular episodes, I'll be doing an 'author's notes' discussion episode. If you're a Patreon patron, be sure to vote!
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As much as I appreciate all the birthday wishes, my birthday is actually April 23rd. Put a fake one when I made the account and now pretty sure I can't change it without being a prime member or whatever so... thanks again and sorry for any confusion!
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  Hi there!   Keenan here. Over the past year I have been working on a 7-part collection of short stories set in Kaimere, a low-magic fantasy world of my own design. Each of these are stand-alone stories that follow characters throughout the world, from the northern reaches of the Dolani steppes and the heart of the Chakhat Empire, to the southernmost islands inhabited by the Lutzkarl whalers and the dense rainforests of Pakardia. A portal connects this realm to our own, leading to periodic floral and faunal exchange between the two. Because of who I am as a person, of course this setting heavily features speculative evolutionary descendant
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Congratulations on 10k subscribers.

Hey there. I don't know if you remember, but I once posted on here about potentially using a magical system based on microbes like yours for a speculative evolution/world building project I was thinking of doing. After oddly enough a year, I'm finally going to hunker down and get started. I've come up with the system, but I'm a little worried it's too similar to what you came up with. Since someday I'd like to publish novels set in the world I'm creating, I obviously do not want to plagiarize anything. If you want, I can describe what I came up and it's backstory and a bit of how it works and maybe see if it's too close or not. I've only just begun work on the world, so if you think it's too similar or don't want to hear it, I can change course and even remove the microbial based magic entirely, but again since I'd like to publish things set in my world, I figured I'd avoid outright copying your work and world.

I certainly have no issue with your magic system taking some inspiration from my own. Kaimere as a concept is partially inspired by Narnia and its magic system has some influence from the magic systems of Star Wars and The Last Airbender. As you develop your world, its inhabitants, and their history, I'm confident it will become your own. Happy worldbuilding!

The Avisaurid I named after you in my own project.

how advanced is the assembly relative to earth humans, are they in the modern age like us or a few decades or centuries behind?

There are many Assembly bases on Earth and they have substantial financial holdings so safe to say they have top of the line equipment. Not all of it works in Kaimere (no satellites or cell towers for example and even their power grids are extremely limited) but they have a lot of tech they can bring in from Earth as long as it passes Free-States inspection.