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One starship before sleep.

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I love the unique design. I can never imagine a creative design for a starship, so I kinda envy you. Great work.

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This is absolutely amazing
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Now thats badass
This is one cool design!
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It's the SWORD-SHIP of the galaxy!
Hello. Looking to do commissions? If so msg me
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A paladin's sword, turned into a mighty vessel to defend humanity and conquer the stars...
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On of the coolest starship designs I've ever seen... may I show this to my FB group?
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(As long as no money is involved, know).
TheMightyGorga's avatar
No money, just admiration. :)
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Always a pleasure then !
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This is now my new wallpaper :la:
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magnifique!!great design and great angle!!:happybounce: Worship 
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Oh that's a cool concept with the arms! Nice angle from the ground too, thanks for sharing ^.^
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I am reminded of the Eltreum under construction in Gunbuster OAV5.

This thing looks the part of a total badass!
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The design hits that sweet spot of sci fi that appeals so strongly to me. It doesn't look like a blocky set piece from the seventies and it doesn't look too Treky. It has a truly refined utilitarianism to it that suggests this civilization has ship building perfected to an art form. Color me impressed.
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This is amazing.
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does that name have any meaning behind it?
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Name of the ship, like the sword because of the shape of the ship. Could have been P45x-II :) .
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oh okay that explains why it sounded familiar :3 
also amazing job btw :3 
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