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Dead Moon Circus

AnimagiC 2009 - Yes, we so got the bodies for those costumes.
Myself as JunJun and I'm not sure if the other girls have devART accounts too.
We are such an awesome Amazoness Quartet group

Wow! 500+ :+fav:s - Thanks everybody! :iconawwloveplz:

Also see my other cosplays <3

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I can't even-... just... HOLY SHIT
ch0co-pudding's avatar
it isnt even funny how amazing this cosplay is.
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Wow!! This is the best cosplay I've seen of the quartets! Great job!! :heart:
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This is so awesome! I think I saw this picture in a magazine once, the AnimaniA perhaps?
kailuakona's avatar
lol, seriously?
Sebassy's avatar
yup, I'm pretty sure. I'm not sure it's exactly the same photo, but it's definitely you! It was with an Animagic advertisment.
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I know that they once used a picture of us in their newsletter but as I don't read anime magazines I don't know about that one :meow:
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yeah, well, your pic was in there, along with some other cosplay pics.
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You guys did an awesome job!
Always liked the Death Moon Circus amazoness quartett. It's sad that one sees them so rarely :(.
But you give a wonderful impression as them!
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How'd youmake your JunJun costume/wig? She's a character i really want to cosplay
SailorMappy's avatar
Best quartetto cosplay ever!
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the-wind-the-sea's avatar
Absolutely fabulous. Everyone did a wonderful job in making the costumes.
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i love it! wonderful to see a group of them :>
KonekoTsukino's avatar
An amazing looking group! Wow, you all look so perfect!!
universechic's avatar
this... looks awesome... u guys did get the bodies right for the costumes ;) which makes the cosplay look better 100% of the time!
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Yay! Everyone looks great! I love that you have the entire quartet. :D
theman2222's avatar
Nice costumes. Clearly, you put a lot of effort into this :)
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I've always loved their outfits, but something like that is far too skimpy for me to cosplay. @_@
How comfy were they to wear? The wigs seem like they'd be a bit of a pain.
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