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Well, it's down to Emma and Yan, both contestants have had strong showings - while Emma is very popular here, Yan has been consistently drawing high votes on Pixiv! I imagine this will be a close one. Vote away to have your say!
Get ready to rumble! 

We have our three successful contestants from the opening rounds. Only two can advance to the final, so they must all face off in a three way battle royalé! 

Who do you want to win? Vote for your favourite in the poll, whichever unlucky lady finds herself with the least votes will eliminated in this round. Make your voice heard and shape the finale! 

Dominant Yan Xing
Alternative Beth Bairns
Submissive Emma Hesper 

Who's journey will end, and who will get a shot at the final jackpot! 
Hey all, Round 2 is well underway, with the combined poll between here any my Pixiv account leaving only 1 vote in it. As that poll has been open a while, I'm now considering it closed so I can finish Round 2 according to the results. 

I'll also now open a poll for round 3, Petra vs Beth, Red vs Blue, the seemingly plain and the wildly extroverted. Who will win? It's up to you. 

Remember, polls only display in desktop view. 
Round one is settled, and Abby Solo is out! Round two has been drawn and Yan Xing will face Zoe Warren, remember, fighter profiles are in chapter 1 if you need to refresh. Vote now! 

Results of this poll will be tallied with the results on the Pixiv poll.