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Knights of Nirnen

Calissa struggled against her captor. In just one hand, the thick, powerful fingers of the massive Orc pulled her arms above her head and kept her wrists locked together. It held her ornate helm as it grinned at her.

“You beast!” she spat as it stared. “Where are the villagers you took?! Where are my soldiers?!”

She had come with 15 Knights, a small unit, but all the Kingdom could spare. She could barely even remember the battle, she must have been knocked out early ...

“I'm surprised.” Rumbled the massive creature. Large even for an Orc, it must have been 10ft tall and 3ft wide, deep green skin taunt on its muscle, teeth thick and pointed in its smirking mouth.

“Surprised,” he began again “that they would send so few against us. Where is your backup? Are more coming?”

Calissa would not reveal military information, forcibly repeating her own question instead “Where are my Knights?! What have you done with them?!”

“Well now Knight Captain of Nirnen, you should worry more about yourself...”

One Month Earlier:

Gordin felt fear creep down his spine. “But Commander! Such a mission is not possible!” Calissa’s face was set with determination. Gordin had seen that look many times before, once she had her orders, once her will was set, there was no dissuading her.  

She didn't even stop walking, barely looking at him. That was different, her face too, to one who knew her well, wasn't as bold as it seemed. There was fear too.

“Calissa!” She paused as he addressed her by name “This is too few, barely half a platoon ... maybe with reinforcements from the Capitol ...”

She cut him off, “There is no strength in the capitol any more. The war has been too long, the toll, too great.” She turned to leave, before looking back to add

“If these troops don't return, the Orcs may target this village again. Beg for terms of surrender, it may be your only chance to survive.”

She took a step away, then another ... her vibrant green hair swaying across her white cloak and silver-trimmed armour. Beautiful.

“Calissa!” she flinched, she hated it when he didn't address her by rank in front of the other troops.

“When you succeed in your mission, please return to me here!” Gordin’s heart felt like it may dent his own breastplate.

Her green eyes turned back to meet his.

One Month Later:

“Answer me!” Calissa demanded, “where are my Knights!?”

The largest Orc passed her off to another of his Clan, who restrained her as his leader tossed her helm like a toy in his palm.

“You are a very noisy woman. Have you wondered why I haven’t just killed you yet?” He crushed the ornate armour in one hand, the screech of steel punctuating his strange question, making it serve as a threat.  

“It is troublesome to kill so many Nirnen, bloody work, no fun, no profit, and like as not to bring an army to our door.”

This Orc seemed far more eloquent than many she'd faced. Was this how his clan was able to survive so long within the Kings borders? A smart Boss and a low profile? The reports said women in the area had been vanishing for a couple of years, but wildlife and raiders were the assumed cause. Only a couple of months ago had the Orcs been discovered.

“So instead, listen well, Knight Commander, it may be the only chance for your fellow fighters. I offer a special service, in exchange for their lives you must sacrifice your own chivalry, purity and beauty.” He paused for her response.

Clarissa didn’t know what she was in for. She could guess, torture, slavery, rape ... but she would protect her Knights. It took only a moment for her to decide. “I accept your proposal.”

“Good!” The Boss exclaimed, “We will begin by cutting off your hair.”

“Cutting ... my hair ... ?” Clarissa stumbled over her words as her thoughts jumbled, she hadn't expected that.

“Hair is a valuable luxury product!  Besides, I think you'd look good, like a proper female Orc. Lets get started!”

He gestured to the Orc that held her arms, who instead took hold of her head and reached for her breastplate. The steel screamed as it was torn asunder, the ornate metal sheering and bending as the Orc ripped her armour like paper and tossed it away.

“What are you doing?!” Clarissa screamed as her clothing was torn away and her breasts fell free. The attacking beast held its palm to her face, stifling her in the putrid smell of greenskin. She struggled as she felt its fat fingers on her body, pulling off a pauldron, tearing chainmail and cloth from her grieve.

“You won't need armour anymore.” Said the Boss as she was shoved painfully to the ground. Landing hard on her breast.
“Now,” he continued, tossing a broad wooden tub to the floor at his feet, “crawl here and bend low.”

She stared into the empty tub, her confusion dulling her senses. But the fear still sitting in her stomach, her peripheral vison more than enough to count four other Orcs staring at her now mostly-naked body. Was the tub to collect her hair? Why...

She was shoved hard in the back, barely catching herself as she tumbled forward over her knees, her hands slapped up the dust of the floor as her head snapped forward. She found herself staring into the base of the wooden tub, her light green hair framing it as it fell at each side of her face. “This can't be for real ...” she whispered to herself.

Thick fingers buried into her exposed ass, wrenching her buttocks wide apart and tearing what little fabric remained of her underwear.

“Arrhgaa!” she cried out as her ass felt like it may tear apart.  “What is... gah!” a thick digit pushed on her vagina, pulling outward harshly on her right labia.

“Don’t touch me! I'll kill ... ow!” The Boss grabbed her hair and tugged her head up and over the wooden tub as she squirmed.

“What?” he laughed “Are you worried about your little cunt?”

She noticed a mechanical shaver in his right hand, a spring and steel invention similar to what the farmers used on sheep. “Please wait!” Clarissa begged as her attention was torn one way then the other.

She felt something large and hot press between her legs, not a finger this time. “No! Keep out of me!!” she begged.

“Hey Boss, thanks again for taking me on. I love this job.” Said the Orc as he poised to thrust his cock into her. While she hadn't seen a Orc cock before, some part of her mind recalled reading they're roughly on par with those of a wild bore, typically 12 to 14 inches. Her unexpected recall of studying musty tomes between practicing the sword and lance came to an abrupt end when her cunt exploded.

She felt like someone had shoved their dry fist into her, screaming, she was thrown forward, grabbing the tub as the only thing on hand.

In unison with the orc cocks first long push into her, she felt the Boss start to work the clippers over her head.
Calissa’s mouth hung loose and wide in perpetual scream as guttural sounds were pounded up, through, and out of her by the Orcs assault.

“Gah! Hugk! Aaiiah!”

“I hope” said the boss, working the blades over the crown of her head, “That you can take such a big cock in that little cunt, I don't want you bleeding on my floor.”

She gritted her teeth and squashed her eyes shut as he taunted and teased her.
“Hey, you know you're missing some hair up here? Gahaha!” He dropped his broad finger onto the wide swath of stubble he'd already cut, dragging his fingertip across it.

All the while the rhythmic pounding of Orc cock filled her, it seemed to be getting easier now, either she was stretched and broken, bleeding ... or her body was panicking and dumping as much lubricant into her vagina as it could muster, either would do.

“You know, I shaved some Elf princess like this once. She cried the whole time. Will you cry too?”

She forced herself to open her eyes and stare back at the Boss, trying to maintain her dignity even as half her hair lay shorn beneath her, even as one of her breasts swag wildly, its sister squashed by the grasping hand of the orc who was raping her. It was ok, she'd do this for her subordinates. She was there commander, it was her duty to protect them.

“She’s a stubborn one boss! I’m practically splitting her in half here!”

Calissa grit her teeth as she fought the pain, then the Boss dropped his crude trousers, the large lump within them springing forth. The Orcs cock bobbed just under her nose, its bellend alone larger than her closed fist, already it leaked a slow, thick drool of cum. Calissa's eyes sprang wide in shock, it was one thing to feel the other monster inside her, but to see it was if anything more terrifying.

“Such interest in those eyes! Now my Knight-Whore, suck it.” The Boss commanded.

“What?!” Calissa barely registered her shock, it just slipped out. She tried to pull back, the half-a-head of hair she still had swinging across her face as she tried to move away, but she was pinned by the iron-hard cock buried what felt like a foot deep inside her.

“I can’t do that! I'm not a damn prostitute!” She finally exclaimed, still trying to shake her head away.

The Boss laughed at her as he grabbed what was left of her hair. “Look at you! Naked, half bald, and with Masuduko's cock buried in you to the hilt. You're what we make you now! Besides ... if you want your friends to survive, I must first be satisfied.”

He tugged her face close enough to collide with his thick cock, already slick with a bitter pre-cum. “Come now Knight, don't be a pussy.”

Calissa held her breath, then stretched out her tongue to lick the Orcs massive member. It was smooth and tough as burnished leather, but tasted like an overcooked steak squeezed over with too much lemon. She took hold of the beasts shaft and closed her eyes as she continued to lap at the current of oozing cum.

“That's right Commander, there's no shame in submitting to your superiors!”

“Good one boss!” called the smaller Orc, “Get her to open that mouth some more, it's not for talking no more!”

Calissa felt the crunching blades of the spring loaded shaver cutting though her remaining hair. Squeezing her eyes shut, she gagged as the Boss forced her jaw to its extreme ass he pushed into her mouth, undeterred by her teeth or gag reflex. “Yes!” he roared as he hammered the back of her throat. “Take it like this!” his hand engulfed her skull as he fucked her.

The smaller beast gripped her breasts so hard they felt they may tear as he pounded her bloodied cunt. Finally releasing his seed into her with a warcry. In unison, the Boss pulled his cock from her throat and she barely had time to see the first convulsion before a rope of gel-like cum hit her face like a punch. Long loops of it spat up across her largely shaved head, sitting upon it as stinking ropes of dull, eggy, yellow.

The Boss sliced the small remnants of her fringe away as she lay half collapsed, sliding off the younger Orcs cock as her vagina throbbed in complaint. She wondered if her womanhood would ever recover. “Harvest complete! Look at proud miss knight now!”

Her head on the floor, Calissa felt the massive Orcs big toe press down on her shaved crown. “Don’t look much like a woman to me anymore.” He declared even as thick cum oozed in long strings out of her tormented cunt, pooling in a gooey mess between her knees.

She looked up to the broad tub that now contained her hair. There seemed to be so much, it had hung down across her back, now she barely had the stubble of a man in the evening. It seemed almost broken, sat in a mess in that tub, it’s vibrant green somehow dulled by the separation. The Orc was right though, hers was a rare colour, it would be valuable... but still. To allow herself to be shaved bald and fucked like a toy, the humiliation of it weighed heavily on her. But at least her sacrifice may spare her troops.

“Now then,” began the Orc “that style suits human whores don't you think? Maybe we'll make it compulsory once we take your lands. I bet your Queen has lovely hair.”  

“Shut up!” Calissa demanded, though she knew her authority meant nothing anymore.

“Well, this is the end of my first job for the day.” Grinned the Boss as he stated down at her.

“First job?” she asked, fearing the answer.

“There is plenty more work to be done! You think this paltry pile of hair is enough for us to profit?” he gestured to her stolen locks.

“But what more could you want?!” she despaired as he shut an iron manacle around her wrist and tugged her across the floor by an attached chain.

“Just come and see, my newest slave.”

Part 2:

Calissa could hear it, and smell it, before she could see it. The sound carrying up the tunnel from the cavern that must await below. Women crying out, Orcs roaring, the stink of sex. Could this be where the regions missing women had wound up? As sex slaves to this band of Orc scum? How did they survive here? They had raped her but once, and she already felt damaged.

“This is my secret workshop,” declared the huge Orc Boss as they approached, “we're always busy, but I let the boys have some fun as well, for morale you know?”

When she rounded the corner, she saw more than she expected.

“Wha – !” her words caught in her aching throat.

There were at least 8 woman currently getting fucked by Orcs of various sizes. But more than that, each woman’s head was being shaved, their hair collected, just as hers had been. Every one of them had a crude tag pierced through their left nipple. The three closest to her simply cried, the first staring into the tub of her dark hair as it was taken. The second was bald already, sat rubbing the tears from her eyes over the pile of blonde hair. The third slumped on her knees while an orc forced himself into her mouth, shaving the last of her fringe as he did.

Another girl was carrying her tub, piled high with deep red hair, following an Orc out of the room – hers must have been long enough to reach her knees before this.

Calissa swallowed the lump in her throat. “This ... what is this?!”

“Welcome to my Hair Farm!” boomed the Boss, pride clear in his voice. This is making me very rich! I told you hair was valuable.”

“Your knights are not here yet ... if you cannot bear to look at these women, maybe you shouldn't have taken our deal.”

Calissa watched as a brunette shouted and fought against a much larger Orc as it mercilessly shaved her, fucking her the whole while. Further along, a pale girl carried her harvested light pink locks, quivering as she followed the Orc leading her, that girls head seemed different. Not simply shaved like the rest, but rendered entirely hairless...

Her attention was snapped back at the Boss Orc took hold of her shoulder.

“I doubt they'll enjoy their time here.” He said into her ear as her eyes stretched wide. “You see ... in our law, a captains bargain also applies to their soldiers. Lets go meet them.” He tugged hard on her chain.

Calissa stumbled behind him, eventually coming to a side passage containing half a dozen orcs, and her three most senior warriors. Sophie, Joxie and Rellia, collectively famed as the Roses of Tuxonia.

“Captain!” Called Sophia, struggling against the Orc who held her. Her white hair a tangled mess. “Captain! What have they done to you!?”

Calissa tried to cover her bruised breasts and still-leaking vagina, but her shorn head was plain for all to see. Her shining green hair reduced to a dull stubble the colour of trampled grass.

“Behold your fool Captain!” proclaimed the Boss, “See the shame of her bald, naked body! Now her fate will be yours. On your knees scum!”

Sophia was shoved hard to her knees, it looked like she was still stunned at her captains appearance. “What is going on!?” she demanded as she spotted the mechanical shaver. “Please wait!” she begged. “I don't want to be bald! No!” she turned and looked right at Calissa’s reddened eyes. “Please, help me!!” she finally begged as the razor teeth began to chew up across her nape.

The Boss rested his hand on Calissa’s head, still rubbing his own cum across her crown. “You're not thinking about how long it will take to regrow all of that, are you?”

She hadn't thought about that. How long had this been going on for? A few months maybe? There weren't enough missing women to support this rate of harvest, so what was going on? Even if they kept the women here until their hair regrew, would that be enough?

Crystal tears dripped from Sophia’s hidden face as the back of her head was reduced to an uneven grey wasteland.

“Let me tell you a story.” Began the Boss.

“You see, used to be we’d just keep sex slaves, until a discreet human buyer made us a very generous offer for the hair of every slave we had. Of course, we shaved the lot. Didn’t get as much custom for a bit so I started letting the boys have some fun with the livestock. Soon enough we discovered our cum is a powerful hair growth stimulant. Who'd have thought eh?”

Two of the Orcs began shaving Joxie & Rellia, starting by tearing off their respective breastplates. Joxie grit her teeth as the side of her choppy light brown hair was shaved, but Rellia openly wept and begged as the centre of her deep blue hair was stolen.

“So you see, as long as we keep your heads well supplied with our seed we can harvest one woman a dozen times in as many weeks! Unfortunately though, it seems your hair can only take this for a while. Eventually, the roots get overworked, die, and fall out. Once that happens there's no more profit in it for us, because you'll remain bald for the rest of your life.”

Calissa could hardly process all this. Their cum would make her hair grow fast? But it would also kill the roots ... if she couldn't escape, she'd end up permanently bald. They all would.

“This will be your fate too.” The Boss gloated alongside her, saliva drooling from his extended tongue as he watched her fellow knights hair fall to his harvest.

They were each near to being totally bald now, with other Orcs ripping and tearing away what was left of their, now, seemingly weak armour. Their shame and distress clear to see, Calissa knew she had failed them.

“Your lives are all spared by this shame, would it have really been better had you all simply died?” The Boss spoke sense, but the gloat in his voice was clear. “Do not regret Captain, this was your only choice.”  

She wept as she beheld her loyal friends. Sophia's face streaked with tears as an orc forced its cock inside her, Rellia clutching a lock of her blue hair to her chest while a pair of young orcs argued over who should get the first go, and Jaxia, eyes closed and face stern as an orc unbelted its crude trousers behind her.

“You cry now Captain? What happened to the proud warrior?” He held her head and forced her to turn to watch as a pair or orcs stroked their dicks in front of Rellia. “You call yourselves knights, but when we take your hair you are only weeping dogs! ... I enjoy you though Captain, maybe I'll keep you for myself...”

Three Months Later:

When Calissa heard the sounds of combat echoing in the cavern, she allowed herself to hope. When she heard the voice carry though to the cavern where she was held with the Boss and his biggest Boys, she wished she hadn't. “Where is the Captain!?” came the call, the voice unmistakeable. Gordin. He rounded the corner to their alcove alone, sword up and bloodied. “Where is she!” he demanded again.

“Why, she is right here,” taunted the Boss, “see for yourself.” He pulled her chain, forcing her to crawl from behind his makeshift throne until she knelt before him. She didn't look at Gordin, she couldn't bare to.

“Look Slave! Your underling is here to save you at last! Heh heh heh!” he aimed a throaty laugh at Gordin as he grabbed Calissa’s bare head, turned it towards him, and spread her wide legs apart. “Shame you took so long!”

Gordin's jaw went slack as he took in what had happened to the woman he loved.

“Cap... tain...?”

Four Months Earlier:

Calissa was surprised, Gordin never addressed her without rank in front of the troops. Was he truly so worried about this mission?

"Calissa ... we've known each other like this for so long ... if you do return safely, then please.” He fell to one knee, his empty palm outstretched. “Will you Marry Me?”

A great warmth filled her heart, more so than she expected. She found her voice seemed distant, hard to use, but when she found it she replied “If you are happy with me – Yes.”


Gordin couldn't move. Calissa. She was naked... and her hair...

The Orc Boss held Calissa's knees wide, spreading her legs to show off her defiled cunt. Calissa tried to cover herself, reaching her bound hands under her bum and splaying her fingers across her gaping pussy, still dripping with the Boss's cum. The massive Orc licked her head as it taunted Gordin, who had frozen in place, his face a mix of shock and horror.

“So, you're this Knight's fiancé? You must forgive me, she’s rather used up.” he laughed as the sight of this ruined woman sank into the foolish would-be rescuer.

Dragging its long tongue across her bare scalp the Orc spoke again. “I'm afraid her roots wore out last week, she'll be bald forever now!”

Calissa cried, in spite of her disciplined attempt to stay noble and stoic. How did it come to this? To be held captive by these beasts, to have her hair shaved, grown back to her hip within days by the strange effect of their vile cum, then stolen away again. Over and over dozens of times. Her belly and womb filled with their seed over and over, her virgin womanhood stretched and deformed by their huge cocks. Now she sat here, on display, collared and captured. A numbered tag piercing in her nipple. Bald, permanently.

An Orc rose its huge war club behind Gordin, his guard was non-existent, he had no idea. “Watch out!” Calissa shrieked, too late.

He went down like a puppet with cut strings, the heavy blow knocking him cold instantly. He crashed to the floor as Calissa watched her last hopes fade away.

“So, what do we do with this guy?” asked one of the Orc Boys.

“Well,” replied another “I have an idea for a little fun.”


“Captain...” Gordin panted “You are beautiful...”

“Erm, boss?” asked one of the boys, “Since they found us now, shouldn’t we move to somewhere else before they bring more fighters?”

“Nonsense!” the Boss explained, “This kingdom is too weak to send a major force after us, and these caves are easy to defend. Besides, those lady knights they take such pride in are making me rich! Let them come. Our wealth will increase with every assault, and more Orc will be drawn to join us! We're going nowhere.”

He paused.

“Besides, we can't separate lovers. We're not monsters!”

Gordin lay with Calissa, his armour taken, his head shaved, but happy. He shifted his hips, savouring the warmth of her body as she enveloped his cock. “I'm sorry,” his breath was heavy, “because of me,” his face was red, “I was too slow -ah- you ended up like this...” his fingers trailed over the hairless scalp around her ear. “Are you really ok?”

Calissa looked back to him, her eyes wide and the sheen of sweat on her brow. “With no more hair -ah- I was finally able to -oah- to let go of my pride and -ah- be true to myself!” He felt so good inside her, she was amazed her body could adapt to his human cock after so much violation from the orcs, but it seemed she was tougher than she knew.

“I don't need anything but you!” she exclaimed, embracing him in a deep kiss ass they made love at the feet of the watching Orcs. Their neck collars forged together by a short chain.
“Hah!” laughed the Boss. “I just love a happy ending...”
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