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Art of a trading card.
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ACEO card series- The coop

aceo series: the coop by kailavmp, visual art

Aceo card series- the big 5

aceo series: the big 5 by kailavmp, visual art

What I create...

improvement meme by kailavmp, visual art


Anteaters of the world by kailavmp, visual art

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My Bio

Very fresh vet located in CZ/SK that started painting as a kid and just never stopped. Most of her time is currently spent by trying to figure out how to adult, but her activities also include sleeping, eating, painting, bothering few people she cares about and avoiding social interactions of any kind.

As is evident by gallery, mostly painting trading card originals.

motto: Shit happens.


Favourite Visual Artist
Z.Beksinski, MALL, I.Alifan, J.Slattum, Oga Kazuo, T.Espedal, D.Zawadski, J. Miller, R.Bateman, M.Solberg, Siegrists, T.Hall, Cha Yeon, all SAA artists and list goes on...
Favourite Movies
Hotaru no Haka, Pom Poko, Aoi haru, Pan's labyrinth, Donnie Darko, Rain Man, generally all Ghibli movies.. and so
Favourite TV Shows
Scrubs and Mushishi, I guess.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Riverside, Opeth, Low Roar, stuff like that...
Favourite Books
Giono's Man who planted trees, too many dystopic books and even more vetmed ones.
Favourite Games
gimp, inkscape
Favourite Gaming Platform
umm.. life, maybe?
Tools of the Trade
Aceo cards, plastic sleeves, envelopes and stamps.. That's what I trade! :D

I trade ACEO/ATC cards!


:donut: I do physical trades of cards (=exchange of original paintings, snail-mail), so no digital art for me, sorry. :donut: Postal service is not 100% reliable. I highly recommend you take a photo/scan of a card before sending it to me- in case card doesn't arrive, I require either new card (if I have no other cards from you) or some kind of proof that a card had been made (in quality good enough for me to print it out). I do the same in case cards from em get lost in mail. :donut:Blacklist happens if I have to wait over half a year after posting my part. :donut: Copyrighted character cards will be drawn only with permission of rightholder -your OC cards should be fine but "this favorite character from that show" cards are not. (unless you go ask.) :donut: Don't hesitate to ask certain style from mine- I choose the one I think would fit best, but if you prefer one over the others, just tell me and I'll do my best to create a card you'd like. :donut: Feel free to browse my gallery, there are many unattended cards you may like. Trades in which you ask for an already available card are always opened!

As for my request, it is exactly the same most of time, so I may as well write it down here: Random animal. Your pet or just favourite species, interesting or funny critter, or, if you draw mostly people, human in animal suit, maybe? Keep the creative juices flowing! For starters, iucnredlist.org has random organisms featured on the main page!

Yep, I decided to build my own card zoo for real.

Need more info? Check out my ACEO FAQ and Would you like to trade with me? THE GUIDE .


@ACEOfursXchange (email)

nov21: @EdaDeda from me::star-half::donut:, for me.:star-half:

dec21: @entfremdeteart from me::star-empty:for me::star-empty:

@ACEO-change (note, no sending by default, talk first!)



marchetooo from me: :star::emailsend::bulletpink: -replacement card,for me: :star:

mafis: from me: :star::donut:, for me: :star-empty:

marks: :star-empty:=waiting for card, :star-half: =seen the card digitally, :star:=card received, :bulletred:=trade on hold, :bulletpink:=at least one post office screwup,  :bulletblue:=I finished, approval stages, :bulletgreen:=done and in process of scanning, :donut:=card finished but not yet sent, :bulletyellow:= waiting for address, :emailsend:=mailed, not received yet, :email:=mailed and received.


0-Kyuubs-0, 1darkjack, 2346119,Actlikenaturedoes, afke11, agataylor, Aisha-Autumn, Aishila, Amadoodles, Anbeads, AndromedasWitchery, Anniekitty14, anoxaiee, AnsticeWolf, AntjeCollie, artistryscribbles, AstaraBriarart, Astrocat, atorife, AtticArt, Augala, aurorawilc, AwesomelyAimless, Axic0n, Azraelangelo, Beast91, BlackWolfTala, Bluevioletz, c3rmen, Celestial-Rainstorm, Chaluny, Chayt, chicagogeekdad, chid0, cloudstar-wolf, @coconutcow , CrazyEdzia, Crimsonbluewolf, crocodiledreams, @CryoftheBeast, Cubia7, CultistCarl, cuygirl, DanielleMWilliams, @daviddekleer, debs913, Diaminerre, Diaris, Dodgesmiley, drachenmagier, Dragarta, Drakira-Nurm, dumpsterfiregypsy, elektroyu, Eleweth, ElorenLeianor, Eraili, Ermelin, Eterzweizigen,, Fantasyfederation, faQy, feldhase, FelesTacita, Ffey, fingalificated, Flos-Abysmi, frobishounen, Gwyneeth, Haawan, Han-Wik, HeartSoulLifePassion, Hellypse, Herzgold, HollyRoseBriar, IceMoony, ImagineCorgis, iMeltedCrayon, Indigo-Demon, @ISRJMI, jacij, JinnaiNishida, JLGribble, JR-Dragona, @K-Zlovetch, Kaarhai, KalahariFox, KatarinaNavane, kinouchi, Kirsch-vanderWit:bulletpink:, Kisindian, @KristenPlescow, Kumilch, L1nkLover, LadyFromEast, Lbtn, Leftblind, Lelixiana, lemurkat, LeoDragonsWorks :bulletpink:, lifanonline, LimehouseBlues, LucidKitsune, Lucky978, Lunakia, lutamesta, LuxDani, lynxfang-art, @MalcressArt, malloth86, Manteniel, MargotShareaza, MayContainBirdseed, Maritime-Tiger, Mayocat, Merinid-DE:bulletpink:, Michaela9, MiriElzar, Mirix, mono-poisoner, MoonsongWolf:bulletpink:, Mymylle, Mystalia, NairaNorica , Naseilen, Natoli, NerielMi, NightFell, NikiKalat, Noriko-Sugawara, NukeRooster, nupharHALL, N-B-R-artwork, n0vitski, oceandusk, olvice, Ooupoutto, paintbigflowers, Paintwick, @Paperiapina , ParadoxSketchbook, Phoeline, PoonieFox, PurpleWish23, racfr, RaikaDeLaNoche:bulletpink:, RainEterni, @Rait-StormDragoness , RajahACEO, Rakshemau, Redwall151, RiHouston, @RivkahWinter, Roxynor, Samantha-dragon, SaQe, SarahSoak, Seaff, Selianth, Septimosis, ShadeofShinon, @SherryFierceDC, shiverz, Shizuka-B, Siljaaz, silverybeast, SilveryNova, Siriliya, Sitsi, SoraAkihiru, Soturisi, Soulful-Purple-Wolf, soulwithin465, space-hail, SpiderMilkshake, SpiritWindcaper, SpiritedLittlePony, spocha, Starfish2o, StarlighteeSternen-Gaukler:bulletpink:, Strecno :bulletpink:, Styxcolor, @superpower-pnut, SuzanneLaither, SybilaSulfur, Sysirauta, s-u-w-i, teiirka, Terisa-san, tguillot, the-frozen-bunny, TheArtOfOnyx, thehamofficial, thePizzaFisch, @theRealPurpleDragon6, Tir-Goldeness, TransparentGhost, Tsumugi-sama, TumblingTortoises, TwilitTiger, vashley, VikaVorik, vladimirsangel, WatchuDrawing, waughtercolors, waxy-cooper, Werella, whatonearth, WhiteSpiritWolf, whitew3r3wolf, WillemSvdMerwe, wiltvanc, WitchiArt, Woodenbullet, wolf-minori, WolfSongLuna, WoodswallowxCollecx:bulletpink: , yeyra, ZeolithArt, Zetsugos-K , Siva, Maťa, Wewe




(with trade numbers):

For me: 18 (57, 58, 64, 105, 108, 111, 115, 130, 146-two times, 155, 191, 204, 229, 232, 294, 329, 465)

From me: 7 (112, 114, 204, 229, 302, 404, 514)


date used here is approx. time they received my original card

:bulletgreen: Creature-Monster from me::star::email:, for me: :star-empty: since 8.2014. I asked for a trade and got a warning it may take a longer time. However, since her last reply to me was in 2016, it may be safe to say trade will not be finished.

:bulletgreen: Simonne8/SimonneX from me: :star::email:, for me: :star-empty: since 9.2012, She always says her part is done and that she will send it when she'll have time but that she can't do it at that time. When her first account got deleted, she did not contact me in order to finish our trade. I have never seen scan/photo of the card.

:bulletgreen: lukeebear from me::star::email:, for me: :star-empty: since 10.2012, She said she had made and sent me one card already and it never arrived; says she always forgets to send me second one she offered. She deleted her account a year after receiving my card. Never seen the scan of either of the cards.

:bulletgreen: Esmerra from me: :star::email:, for me: :star-empty: since around 2.2013, Upon asking, she answered she has no time at the time, so she received additional few months before blacklist, yet in 1.2014 I was still not even in her "aceo/trade to do list" and new works appeared in her gallery frequently. Deleted account around March that year.

:bulletgreen: Duskit from me: :star-half:, for me: :star-empty: since around 6.2013, She asked me for a trade  but notes from me were always marked as unread, communication sporadic and full of promises about her part, and her last login seems to be over a year ago. My part for her (her cat character) is done but not sent to her, so it is available for trading with whoever asks (with char still being copyrighted to Duskit, of course).

:bulletgreen: gaerda from me: :star: , for me: :star-half: since around 6.2013, Very pleasant response after I asked her for a trade, I've seen her part of the trade digitally, but no card has arrived to me and there was no response to my subsequent notes.

:bulletgreen: phoebixfenikkusu09 from me: :star::email:, for me: :star-empty: trade organized by now dead oc-tradesncritiques group in 2.2015. She did her part digitally and of wrong size, and upon my explanation what aceos/atcs are she agreed that since she joined the aceo-specific group, it would be fair if she did "proper" card instead, so I shipped her my part. She received it and stopped communicating since. In 8.2016 deleted her account.

:bulletgreen: MiusEmpire from me::star-half::donut:, for me: :star-half: since 1.2016. Asked for an already-made card of mine, made a card for me properly. It never arrived and there is no reply to my notes. My card, not yet sent, was made available for trading again.

:bulletgreen: Nambroth from me: :star::email:, for me: :star-empty::bulletpink:? since 2014. I asked for a trade, she agreed. No card arrived, she offered me the second but nothing arrived either. I then asked for scans instead, just to have a proof, but never received one.

:bulletgreen: SargasSall/JeanTaty from me: :star-half::donut::bulletyellow: , for me: :star-empty: Since 2015. Asked me for a trade in 8.2015. I painted my part and he liked it, but never provided an address nor did draw his part. Didn't tell me when switching accounts.. As of 6.2019, last login was over 36 weeks ago.

:bulletgreen: Jennka, Katka, Libor: from me: :star::email:, for me: :star-empty: Don't ask real-life friends for a trade, they won't find enough time to make a single card for you in years.

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Thank you for the watch!

Nie je za čo ;) Aj ja ďakujem!

pls submit your best bird of prey art into our new group ArsRapax | DeviantArt since we are honored to feature it

You are definitely invited to join!

Thank you! I'll consider.

your card arrived yesterday; it's wonderful in person! thanks again c:

Thank you, glad it got to you safely!

Thank you for the favs!