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He'd lost it. He must have. Before he could have chalked catching glimpses of his brother and nephew to twinges in whatever was left of his conscience, but this ghost wasn't vanishing. Even when his gaze swung to take her from his peripheral to smack dab in the middle of his field of vision she remained, her smile still the cocky smirk that set twitches through him and made his chest clench in a near-painful way. His Sarafina had died due to his own stupidity, her hunting party having been passing the gorge's outlet on the fateful day he'd claimed the crown. Zira had shown him the trampled remains of some of the pridesisters where they'd been caught by surprise. Others, Sarafina included, they'd assumed drowned as the gorge eased out into a river that held rapids and a nearby waterfall where it ended. He'd raged and mourned the loss of his best friend and future queen, blaming her death on his own lack of foresight.

Now she stood before him, her very presence a painful taunt. But... His Sarafina didn't have scars.

"I take it by your expression that you really believed I was dead." The smirk faded into a kinder smile as the lioness stepped towards him, and hesitantly Scar closed the distance himself. "I'll admit, it was a pretty close thing when Zira found me and started shoving me back into the river, but... Takasa?" The red lion knew that would be important in a minute, but for now all he could manage was to lift a single paw to that creamy cheek, searching and hoping against hope that she wasn't going to vanish at his touch.

The feel of her fur against his toes nearly burned the way it touched his soul, making him suck in a breath. In a sudden rush the male was dragging her to him, nuzzling and pawing like a madman to bring her as close against him as possible. Could he really trust his senses? If it smelt like her, sounded like her, and felt like her... Was it really her?

As for Sarafina, she melted into his embrace with little hesitation. Oh, there was going to be hell to pay for the daughter-of-a-hyena that had tried to take this from her, but for now... For now she could close her eyes and bask in their shared reunion.


:iconpeanuttie: used Takasa, which means "purify" as a substitute name for Scar and I'm on board with that one tbh

Gonna be honest, I really really dislike Scar and Zira as a ship. Part of it may be a bias because I'm a bitter fucker. Part of it is just that Zira is very uninteresting as a partner. She's more like a rabid fan as opposed to anything resembling Scar's equal and I'm just not really into it at all. Give me a partner who can complement who he is while being every bit as ruthless and cunning. Not someone that would just cling to his coattails and go like a mad dog wherever he pointed. No hate to anyone who does ship them together, but I just. Am so bored of seeing this fucking lionized Joker/Harley Quinn shit all over the place lol.

So here have a little snippet of Scafina. 
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but where did she dissapear to in the first place? what happened? 
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In this AU Sarafina was in a hunting party caught by the same stampede that killed Mufasa and pushed into the river. She almost climbed out, but Zira saw an opportunity to get rid of her rival and attacked, slashing and shoving Sarafina back into the rougher waters. She was carried downstream over a waterfall and disappeared for a few months as she recovered outside of the Pridelands, as by the time she dragged herself out she'd been washed up past the border.
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thank you for taking your time to clear things in my mind!
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I'm kinda late to the party here and I'm by no means trying to say that you're wrong for liking/disliking some 'ship', this is just my thought. While I don't ship any characters myself, I have to disagree on Sarafina being more interesting or ruthless or cunning. We only see anything of Sarafina for like 30 seconds in the movie, during which time she isn't really made into a developed character. The only way she can become any of those things is through fan works, such as yours. Fans give her a personality which they would like to see on her or which fits their story. And again, this is by no means a bad thing, it's actually very cool to see people still care about this over 20 years later.
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lol ok
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I really like your concept of Scafina, and I agree that Scar/Zira is rather uninteresting paring. 
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So nice seeing more Sarafina x Scar shippers~ lovely art!
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Aww, this is actually really sweet! :meow: Love the artwork and the story that goes with it :) Great work! :D
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I also hate that ship, I like this much more
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I love Scar/Sarafina! I actually headcanon Zira as their unplanned daughter XD 
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Oohh, that's a theory I don't see too often!
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Yeah, I just came up with it wondering "hmm.. maybe if I mix their colors together it could look like Zira" plus I liked the idea of Zira as Scar's daughter, but since I only ship Scar with Sarafina that's what I came up with ^^ I did make him have an affair with another lioness (which produces Amani, Kovu's daddy, yeah I made Kovu Scar's grandkid XD) to get back at Sarafina for mating with a member of his guard (Nala's dad) :3
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As always lovely art.
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I've never been a fan of obsessive one-sided relationships either, but it seems to be a trope a lot of people like for some reason? Like the dynamic of one sided love itself is very interesting when you explore it, but when it gets turned into a two-sided thing when its very obvious one partner is not interested and the other is just unhealthily attached, it frankly loses the spark for me lmao

Scarafina tho. That's my shit right there. Someone who throws his own shit back at him and then bats her eyelashes is exactly what Scar needs imo. I really like the little drabble attached to the drawing, too! God bless kickass sarafina tbh
kaikree's avatar
Yeah... Plus it's like look at all the options available, why don't we like

not do the uninteresting unhealthy ones for a while lol

yeeeesss sassy Saffy wife
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Cause straight media loves promoting uhealthy straight relationships lmao

For real tho. Lemme have good relationships without power imbalances and otherwise unleathy stuff. Pls

Sassy sarafina is 100% the best sarafina
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yea that's... true

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Cute picture!  Blush-Small 

Officially, Zira is just a follower, or rabid fan. I wish the animators gave Kovu a different color scheme. :/
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Maybe something more interesting and less "I am totally not a rehash of Scar"?
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For real. Another eye color would have sufficed.
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Like... momma's red
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He would have looked amazing with Zira's eye color.
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