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The love I never had

The lion's ears flicked up at the sound of a familiar voice. The voice he had been longing to hear.
He turned around and was surprised by a pair of bright jade colored eyes. He could only smile.
"Sara.." He purred, nuzzling the lioness' face. "You came!"
"Of course I came, you silly boy!" She nuzzled back. "I had to see you again.."
"But I thought- what of your father?" 
"Oh, he's home. He doesn't know I left." She said. "Is your leg doing any better?"
"Just fine," He smiled. "Will you stay?"
"Yes..." Sarafina whispered, looking up at him. "I don't want to ever leave you again."


Buuuut she does. xD Let's not get to that point rn. I just wanted to do some Sarafina x Scar fanart before bed. Had this in my files for a while now.
Aaaand back to the comic in 3, 2, 1...

Sarafina + Scar (Taka) + Background (c) Disney
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Great job on this, it looks absolutely gorgeous! :la: