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April 18, 2014
Leaf Sprite Parent and Child: Lessons by kaikaku breathes life into those important lessons that we learn throughout the years. A wonderful concept which has been executed perfectly with great attention to detail. Be sure to check out the rest of this delightful series.
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Leaf Sprite Parent and Child: Lessons



The first lesson was all about how to stay in the trees. How to cling to the slightest twig even in the strongest winds. How to walk along boughs and keep a secure footing, even in a blind run. 

The last lesson was about how to fall. 

How to touch the ground for the first time, ever, just before the white sheets moved in and blanketed the earth. How to stay safe and hidden under the snow banks, and wait for warmer times.

Still green and uncertain, marveling at the twinkling twilight of autumn, the child was ready to take this first leap. 

(photography, marker on leaves, hidden tape)

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love this one