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First scene in the new Godzilla comic -
Gay wedding gets crashed by Kumonga. Groom responds by throwing a BURNING CAN OF GASOLINE AT IT.

More kaiju movies need stuff like this.…
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Okay, I read through some of the posts and most of them seem to be about the portrayal of a gay wedding in the comic. personally, so what? it's not like any political issues are ACTUALLY being talked about! and really, who would take offence to it? maybe those who are totally against the idea of homosexuality, but who would take this from a political stand point? honestly, what monster loving, violence seeking, Godzilla fan would care that a gay wedding is used as the opening setting? (on the other hand, if it had made any comments about homosexuals or homosexuality, I would understand)
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Why is IDW coming out with all these Godzilla comics? They already have Kingdom of Monsters, Gangsters and Goliaths, and Legends and now this one. Are they testing each one to see which is more popular and only concentrate on that one comic or is it just because?
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Not bad. Gotta admit, I wasn't crazy about this guy's art when I saw it in Legends #2, but it may grow on me. The image of the guy setting Kumonga ablaze represents all I don't like and all that I'm okay with at once. We shall see....
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w00t! Kumonga crashes gay wedding! Man, I have yet ANOTHER reason to have Kumonga as my second fave now, lol. But the art looks great; Rodan looks good like normal while Godzilla and Battra look good. Man, glad Gane is the artist. ;)
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The fact that there was a homosexual wedding in a Godzilla comic is fine by me. I would only take issue with it if it became the FOCUS of the comic like when Kingdom of Monsters kept ramming its critiques on society down our throats. Powell's and Marsh's parodies of celebrities and politicians, even though I agreed with them for the most part, were neither funny nor appropriate. This comic didn't do that and managed to still make kaiju the focus, and as long as it does that, it should be fine. It looks like a great read and the art's leagues above Victor Santos or Phil Hester's, not that Hester was bad. On another note I hope Urv is one of the guys recruited to fight Godzilla. That'd be great instead of making him another throwaway character and make me more invested. I really want this to be good :)
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No, no Kumonga! Bad giant spider! You just gave Fox News more ammunition they can use!
Mecha-GREGOLE's avatar
Soo.... GOOD girl?

Or guy... Or... whichever.
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No it's just Kumonga attacking a gay wedding will raise some eyebrows, even if, again, giant monsters generally don't give a crap about who or what their attacking.

But my comment was directed on how Conservative news outlets would use something like this as an endorsement against gay marriages...but than again, unless its a celebrity trying politics (or Wall-E), Fox News tends to ignore pop culture, and to be fair, they probably don't even know who Godzilla is.

And no, I'm not Liberal, I'm a non-partisan and fiercely proud of it, finding a lot of political news commentator shows no better than drunken cheerleaders in a pissing contest, on which one of their men is the better boyfriend (President R, or President L). And half the problems in America right now is based on politicians battling each other for brownie points and money, and the public too stupid to realize it, while they gleefully take sides.

And sadly the political pissing contest has gotten so bad, it's impossible to tell the difference between GOOD conservative representation on television (Bill O-Reilly?), over the typical BAD ones.

I don't know, maybe I'm more pissed off that we're still getting political satire / dark humor again in our Godzilla books, and that led to the Kumonga comment above. Or maybe the attack on a gay wedding in done simply for shock value, since monsters massacring wedding guests is becoming an old cliche in its own right.

I hope that made any sort of sense, but your a more articulate man than I am.

ARRRRRRRRGGGG!!! It's Eric Powell all over again!
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Well, look at it this way. We get a look inside the man's head and the beginning of a story arc. In just two pages, we're given a man with an intriguingly vague past and an uncertain future. The comic is telling a story, not simply about monsters killing people, but about the people who are caught underfoot, and how they react.

In two pages, it's more mature than Kingdom of Monsters was in its entire run.

Plus, Kumi probably ate the Fox news crew before it even set its sights on the wedding.
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This calmed me down a lot, thanks!
Letdragon's avatar
Curse the spider that killed Limbo boy! Kill it with fire! >=0

Oh wait, that didn't work...
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Groom looks like will smith!
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Needs more Matt art.
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Haha, genius. ;)
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I am disappoint. :ohnoes:

Ugh, I mean really? Godzilla is not a series where this particular topic should be brought up in the least bit, EVER. Godzilla is a commentary on humankind's abuse of nuclear weapons, pollution, and arrogance, it is not the place to bring up the homosexual issue.

No matter what side of the homosexual marriage issue you're on, things like that should stay the hell out of franchises like Godzilla. Its like Twilight trying to talk about abortion, its just not a good series to bring up that particular issue.

Ugh, I really gotta sit down and relax, because the idea that one of the best of my childhood memories is being abused for such an issue makes me feel sick inside.

When I go to see something Godzilla or Kaiju related, I don't want to hear some stupid political commentary on something so irrelevant to the genre such as Homosexuality, and the like, even IF the portrayal of the issue coincides with how I feel about the subject.

Mecha-GREGOLE's avatar
No one brought up the homosexual issue. There's zero discussion of it as a topic, zero spectacle made of it's being, and I doubt Kumi crashed the wedding to make a point.

The only discussion of homosexuality as a controversial topic is that which you yourself have initiated.

What? Godzilla lives in a verse where there are no gays?
CerberusSEL's avatar
What I am saying is quite simple, touchy subjects should stay where touchy subjects belong, in the area where people can talk through the subject.

Its not like anyone is hating on anyone, I just saying that everyone would enjoy Godzilla without bringing it up, even vaguely. Godzilla is supposed to be kaiju-based entertainment, not a series where something that belongs in election polls or whatever should be.

Some people agree, some don't.
Mecha-GREGOLE's avatar
Wrongo. Homosexuality is not something people should vote on whether or not it's okay. It is a fact of life that has largely stopped being controversial in the free world. Gay people exist in the Godzilla universe, and no one is obligated to hide them.
It's not a story about a controversial topic. It's not a story meant to challenge your thoughts on homosexuality. It's not ABOUT a man being gay. It's about a man who was turned from his life of violence by his beloved, and through the loss of his beloved, is forced to take up arms again.

Eduardo's gender does not factor into the plot at all.

You should be happy that for once, the humans in a Godzilla story are given somewhat interesting characterization.
CerberusSEL's avatar
Think what you wish. Some will agree, some won't.

And that's all that needs to be said.
XxHXCLIONxX's avatar
Yeah... I just "unwatched" you. Good to know there still is homophobes out there. Oh I wasn't calling you "one" either... I do recall you saying "It might offend someone else". LMFAO I find it very peculiar that if people (who you don't even know) get it offended elsewhere... It seems to really offend you...

You may ask why am I so offended?

Well, My beloved sister, close friends of mine, and my favorite cousin are all gay. I would never change them and they are people just like you and I. They deserve to have weddings and yes even to be "killed" without discrimination by kaiju just like any other heterosexual being in the Godzilla franchise.

Raymond Burr and George Takei would be very disappointing in you.
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