Honda takes Toho to court
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Storm's a brewin'...

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Details are still sketchy, but recently news started making the rounds that the Honda family has discovered a document declaring...something. Word has it that the contract states Ishiro Honda, and by extension the Honda estate, to hold ultimate copyright over the Godzilla name. Monster movie historian August Ragone will be posting more accurate and up-to-date details in his blog, The Good, The Bad, And Godzilla soon.

Check it here:

What does this mean for the franchise? Hard to say, especially since us 'Mericans don't know nothin' bout no Japanese writin', so we'll have to wait for a more exact translation of the news source. Likely it shouldn't directly interfere with the current deals regarding the comics or upcoming DVD releases, but its effect on the Legendary film, slated for 2014, is up-in-the-air.

The best we can hope for is that whatever is decided, it will ultimately keep the fans in mind and respect our universal love for this franchise, without causing any problems or slowing anything down.
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Hedorah1971Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why after all these years?
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NihiloveProfessional Filmographer
Personally, I think Honda should own partial rights to the Godzilla name, but now that he's dead-and it's only his family receiving the benefits- it's not as pressing a point.
Regardless, it seems to me, and I may be alone on this, that the film maker behind the original Godzilla should have had some piece of the franchise.
I'll say it too: This is ISHIRO Honda and his estate. Not the car company.
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If this document just came out of the blue with no previous evidence of it's existence then I highly doubt this will end well for Honda. If there ends up reason to believe that Honda is pulling something then not only will they lose this case they'll also end up in serious trouble.
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Yeah first of all how long has this document been "not-there"? Second Godzilla would have been public domain if Toho hadn't kept it alive all these years so that makes it an automatic "they-own-it".

And third...WHY? The Honda name has been off they title deeds for so long the whole case is complete bull, a few years back it would have made sense but now out of the blue they charge in with a paper in hand and a lawsuit.
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Oh man, now I am worried and confused.
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Gyaos2008Hobbyist Artist
Sooo, what? Did the CEO of Honda wake up in the middle of the night and go "TECHNICALLY WE OWN GODZILLA! LETS SUE TOHO!"
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Wrong Honda.
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BlueRavenfireProfessional Digital Artist
I'm confused. O.o i just hope it does result in toho banning everything godzilla on the internet again.
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TakatahuMistikaHobbyist Filmographer
If this causes the new film to get screwed over, I will go out of my way to find a dimension-hoping time machine, travel to lagos island of the toho-verse, pick up a Godzillasaurus, bring him to our present, drop Russia's "Mother-of-All Bombs" on it, mutate into the most badass Godzilla to date, and train him to utterly destroy those who messed with the franchise...that sounds like a reasonable plan to me
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I'll provide the there is no need to know how I can get my hands on it.
All you need to know is I have a contingency plan for every single country just in case they piss me off or get in the way of my taking over the world in a few years.
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Omes299Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Godzilla has such a big fan-base, It'd be a poor decision to end it... It probably be a worse idea, however, to try and make Godzilla "Child Friendly" again... WHAT THE HELL IS CHILD FRIENDLY ABOUT A GIANT FIRE BREATHING LIZARD TEARING THE LIMBS OFF OF SPACE DRAGONS !?!? /ignoresgamera
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supergoji18Student Traditional Artist
i'm a bit confused. what is honda trying to say?
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Jeez!:omg: I REALLY hope this won't bring major damage to the Godzilla franchise either way!:fear:
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Shi-GuProfessional Filmographer
Seriously hope this won't delay the upcoming movie even more!
I was eager about Godzilla finnally destroying my city! :eager:
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GodzillaRulzProfessional General Artist
invisiblehand's avatar
Craaaaaaaaaap! I was hoping there wouldn't be anymore liscencing shenanignas!
-sigh- silly me.
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If any family should own the Godzilla name, it should be the Tanaka family, not Honda!
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BanjoenelbanoStudent Interface Designer
Rarity is indeed the pony everypony should know
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Oh! Oh! Ishiro Honda!
I thought it was the car company.....
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You and me both, I had a LOL or two at that idea.
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A Civic VS. Godzilla :lol:
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Marioshi64Student Filmographer
A team of CARS vs Godzilla... yeah good luck on that, cuz unless they're nuclear... no they still have no chance

You got my hopes up saying strom's brewing though, because it's Obligatory Ice Level Month and it hasn't snowed ONCE
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First that Superman suit, then Jack Kirby's family vs Marvel and now this. It just keeps happening
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