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The Avengers VS Godzilla

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Exactly what it looks like :)

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Godzilla be like: "What do a guy have to do to these days to get himself a decent a flyswatter?"
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12monkehsHobbyist Artist
Godzilla: OK, Shitrats-- ASSEMBLE
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And that was the day the Avengers died.
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timothyallmanHobbyist Artist
bye bye av
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Why aren't Godzilla's dorsal plates glowing blue ?
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Because he is ignoring them.
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Bazil3282Hobbyist Writer
How can Banner retain his Hulk form if Godzilla drains radiation?
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GarchompisbeastHobbyist Writer
Hulk is a living gamma reactor

unless Godzilla can absorb it all in one go Hulk can just keep going
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Bazil3282Hobbyist Writer
I've heard various stories about that.

Anyway, Godzilla drained more than one reactor in his life.
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GarchompisbeastHobbyist Writer

but it wasn't instant or as powerful as the Hulk
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the comment section tho
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squirrelyjoelHobbyist Digital Artist
What about it
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arguments, arguments and arguments
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squirrelyjoelHobbyist Digital Artist
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Do you plan on making a small comic of this ? Cause if so that would be awesome www.fanfiction.net/s/10363332/…
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Well this fight allready happened before in Marvel's comics and the Avengers couldn't stop him.
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KeybladeMagicDanHobbyist Writer
Go Avengers!
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The Avengers are going to win this one, but make no mistake, it'll be one helluva fight! It would take at least 2 or 3 movies before the final outcome & even then it would still end with Godzilla going home!
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Their heaviest hitter is useless since Godzilla absorbs all forms of radiation. Lightening can increase his strength. The others can't do shit.
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The lightning thing is King Kong's shtick... Hulk & Thor both have near limitless strength, Black Widow & Hawkeye are good at finding an opponent's weak points & exploiting them, Tony Stark is super intelligent & can devise a solution to almost any situation & Captain America has superhuman abilities. Godzilla's scales give him an increased resistance to most forms of damage, he can absorb all forms of radiation, however it has been seen that if he absorbs too much he goes nuclear, his sheer size alone gives him near limitless strength & endurance & his atomic breath attack is pretty deadly. He is, however, a creature of purpose, rarely appearing without reason & thus the Avengers would eventually discover that reason & aid Godzilla in ending it before sending him home to monster island.
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i agree that they would join forces. but let's say he's a evil clone. godzilla can absorb lightening just not man made. so thor is useless aswell. and yes hulk can have a good chance thats only if he's angry enough if not he'll be knocked unconscious. also marvel did a story that godzilla was in and he beat them.
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LossettaHobbyist Artist
thing is...Super man vs ..Godzilla.... i prefer Godzilla win but.. knowing super man.... not gonna end well for our king of monsters.
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