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My variant cover for TRIALS OF ULTRAMAN from Marvel Comics - check for more info here:…
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Very nice! I'm going to have my local comic shop pull your cover for me. Famous Smileys: Thumbsup (emotee)

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You know, in the thirty to forty years ultra man has been around, I wonder if they ever once used that rising transformation to attack a villain. I’ve seen Super Sentai and Kamen Rider use their transformations as attacks.

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I've never known anything like that to happen. You'd think at least once they'd get eaten and transform to bust out of a monster's stomach. The closest to that I can think of is Ultraseven using his size-changing power to fight a virus monster.

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A missed opportunity decades in the making, I guess. :shrug: or :dunno:

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Yeow, thats gotta hurt, and Kemlar Man looks like he's crapping himself

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Ultraman Punch!

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Fairly easy trials from the looks of it 😊

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Is this a new comic series?

If it is, then, boy am I excited!
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Five issue Mini Series that ends with the first Kaiju Ultraman ever fought. AKA Bemular.

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So, is it a retelling of the origin?
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It is. And now seeing the title... sorry this is the SECOND Mini that's gonna be about Ultraman. The first one was called The Rise of Ultraman.

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I should look up where I can find that
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Considering that Gyango was one of the more sillier Ultra Kaiju foes in the original series... I wonder if he "takes a level in badass" in the Marvel comic?

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Ultrman- I still got it! Now to slice up-

Ultra father- Um son, you no longer can’t decapitate your enemies anymore.

Ultraman- What?! But we’ve been exposing kaiju insides for generations!!

Ultra Father- Yes but due to times changing, rating and money, we can no longer show those cool effects. Tiga did it last so that’s it.

Ultraman- ........ Bull crap, Dad.

Ultraman- Don’t you use that language at me, young man!

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I believe you’ve made one error, the Father of Ultra was Taro’s dad, not the original Ultraman‘s.

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My bad but it’s still funny.

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I'm just so happy that Ultraman is rising in popularity here in the United States. Now it's only a matter of time until Kamen Rider and Super Sentai join Ultraman.

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Redman: [thumbs-up]

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Ladies and gentlemen, the good old days are back!

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