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TREMORS from Arrow Video

By KaijuSamurai
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I was commissioned by Arrow Video to make cover art and a classic-style x-ray illustration for their release of the classic monster-comedy TREMORS!
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Hey Matt Are you a fan of Tremors, if you are, then so i am i.:D

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Once again we have an upcoming special collector's Blu Ray by Arrow with awesome artwork from Matt Frank that will likely sold out quickly and become overpriced in no time like the Gamera Collection (which I couldn't get my hands on). Oh well, at least we can look at the art on this site, which is gratifying enough. Keep up the good work!

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oh man i love your internal anatomy illustrations. you did a fantastic job on the Gamera bluray collection. Tremors has always been my favorite monster movie of the 90's.

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I really should get around to watching that movie at some point :D

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Awesome! I shared this with some friends of mine they are stoked!

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All you need is a remote control Car with some C4 on it and a detonator and your good to go.

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I knew that art looked familiar! Awesome!

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You should help Arrow get the rights to Kamen Rider Shin-J. Your artwork for those three movies would be neat.

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Damn I love that movie.

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I'd buy this if I didn't already own all the movies and tv series. Looks great

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As if today was not filled with gud news.... U had the honor of makin one of the iconic an original movies... Tremors. I am faving this an treasurin the masterpiece u sir created... I thank you from the bottom of the earth. An graboids alike too.

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Holy shit, congrats!

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Looks real good man. Id love to have this cover for mine

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I preordered it yesterday

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Wow, nice to see your artwork for other giant monsters :) Congrats on the work. I imagine that this will put a lot of new eyes on your stuff :)

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Dude! Congrats on the job. That's awesome!

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Awesome work and congrats on being commissioned.

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Congrats!! This is so awesome!!!

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I'm excited about the new Tremors movie.

Anyone else?

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It's my favorite B-monster franchise.

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