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TRANSFORMERS #6 Greater Austin Comic Con Cover


Drawn by :iconkaijusamurai:
Colored by :icondyemooch:
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© 2019 - 2021 KaijuSamurai
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I love this cover.👍😎

Nausicaafan1984's avatar

Even Spike's there! Let G1 reign supreme now that the "pUbLiC fRiEnDlY" Emo LGBTQ nightmare that was 2005 IDW is OVER!!!

That's awesome. I especially enjoy Grimlock's sign, and the Quintesson rocking out.

Well, this is a decent metal concert:)

DragonmanX-90's avatar

Is Hot Rod playing TFA Laserbeak?!

Unicron: Show me what you got.

If you get this reference, I congratulate you

HardcoreHenry258's avatar

WUBB a dubb dubb Rick and Morty!

PokeJames01's avatar
I can't believe they acknowledged Cybertronic Spree
TieriaPrime's avatar
Love Arcee and pretty artwork
Twilightnite's avatar
In IDW Isn't Spike an enemy of the Autobots?

That's just...wrong, What the frack is wrong with IDW?

Twilightnite's avatar

I don't know... we should find out, shouldn't we?

Estonius's avatar
Epic teamwork!
ScriptGenius12's avatar
Is that Unicron's head, or is he looming over the crowd?

Anyone know if these are available to order anywhere?

Finndragon92's avatar
Are they singing ”Touch” by Stan Bush?!
Finndragon92's avatar
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"The Spark is all I need to break the spell!!"
DeadCobra's avatar
This is really good
haruau's avatar
YEAHHHHHHHH!! I’d pay to see this! :D
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