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Shark Week 2012 - Oceanic Whitetip

By KaijuSamurai
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My first entry for :iconsharkweeksketchjam:! I've been wanting to do something like this for a REAL long time.

For more info on the Oceanic Whitetip (and his little friend), check here!

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face looks like slamoo from street sharks
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Very cool!!!!
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Interesting design. I'd give it 5 stars for originality.
You read the new Shark Wars book series? It's really something! It's like Guardians of Ga'Hoole and those Cat Warriors but it's sharks and the protagonist Gray is a Megalodon. Churn an Oceanic Whitetip was one of the minor villains in the first book but I'm not gonna spoil the surprise for you.
Whitetips are showing up a lot in these Shark Week deviations, is there a 2012 episode on them or has at least a clip of them?
Either way, I'm still mad about the shark finning that's going on, but I'm so goddamn mad (angry). I want every last corrupt g**k in all of Eastern Asia to pay with their ears and their blood! Let them see how they like it having a part of their body cruelly cut off and eaten in some stupid-ass soup that is just gut wrenchingly disgusting. I want to see them and all the black/white poachers they hire pay more than all the dictators in Africa. I'd almost go far enough as to destroy their Buddhist temples, Kim Sung/Jong-il/Un, Ho *whore* Chi Minh and Mao Zedong statue as well as skin the corrupt black market merchants Asian Mafia and government officials ALIVE to crush their beliefs, destroy their corrupt ignorant ways and extinguish any spark of hope for their corruption to continue. THAT'S how angry I am.
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awesomely done and a cool looking shark well made
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Damnit, Matt...why is your Oceanic Whitetip better looking than mine? Oh, wait...this is you I'm talking about...anything you draw is better than mine. :lmao:
Nice work!
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Great art Matt.
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sweet work!

Praise the Great Old Ones!
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the enemy of my enemy is my friend... yep, I have a beef with Cthulhu and thus sharks are my buds! plus sharks have always been badass beasts!
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Well, them and Narwhals.
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I have real jaws to this shark.I <3 sharks.
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Love that smug look on his chops.
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certainly looks aggressive........ let's poke it with a stick.
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Sharks are beast!!!
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that is so cool! you should make him into a street shark if IDW decides to make a series!
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That shark looks so awesome, love the expression.
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I've always found sharks interesting. Nicely done.
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is sharkweek coming soon! YES!
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Fantastic drawing! Good to see some shark drawings! :)
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