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Finally uploaded to Deviantart! A fan commissioned this as a new sleeve for his Godzilla Showa Collection    
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You are So very talented omgosh. What medium(s) do you like to use?

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Awesome!! It's a beautiful mix!
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this looks magnificent but I can't seem to find Ebirah?

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I think I see his claws in the lower left hand corner.

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Nice find. Manda’s body is down there too, along with Oodako, Ookondoru and Skeleturtle.

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Yeah those guys are so dinky I almost forgot about them

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SUDDEN TRIVIA ALERT: did any of you G-fans know at all that a movie predating any Gojira (or "Godzilla" in the states) actually existed? I did/do! It's "Raiga, God of Monsters" starring, of course, Raija! Is it what actually started Gojira, and the Dai Kaiju movie theme? yes. the movie happens to date BEFORE the first gojira movie!

As far as I know, it was a singular low budget monster movie that predates Gojira by at least 6 months, so I will make some more trivia regarding the Dai Kaiju media theme when I can!!

this info caught me off guard, soooooo... o_O

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Proven false with just one google search. Godzilla will always be the King. Also King Kong, Beasts from 1,000 fathoms, the Condor and some more predate Godzilla.

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That movie came out in 2009.

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The legacy that started it all.

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So many great monsters to bring to the MonsterVerse :D

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You even included the skeleton turtle from Mothra's island! Sweet!

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Now, this is a legacy we can look back at!
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magnificent artwork
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That is so awesome!!

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A beautiful tribute to the original age of Godzilla. So much detail and love.

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Is that the Skeleturtle in the corner? God I love how you make room for all the monsters. Even the famous Skeleturtle.

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Now this is an amazing collage :3

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my favorite era

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