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Raptoricons - Gnash robot mode

By KaijuSamurai
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(Designed by :iconkaijusamurai: colored by Goncalo Lopes and Paul Hanley)

Gnash -
“Gnash crush! Gnash smash! Then Gnash maybe nap!”

Found in a dank, miserable lab in an alien facility on a world of primitive organics, Gnash was pulled from a broken stasis pod, half-formed and badly in need of energon. Thrash's Pride had arrived on assignment to investigate the planet, and what they found was smashed and torn apart. Something terrible had happened. Thinking Gnash was a survivor, they rescued her, only to find that she was without memory and even a large portion of basic programming.
Thrashclaw became concerned when it appeared that the Decepticon command was looking for whatever made Gnash special, and Gnash herself proved unstable and was practically bursting with excess energy. Thrash briefly considered putting Gnash into permanent stasis lock, but Shred and even Slice immediately disagreed, feeling sympathy for the hurting Cybertronian. Thrash, shrugging, simply said "Fine. You can keep her."
Over the cycles, Gnash had become amazingly in-tune with her home on Chixulania. She is perfectly in-tune with her beast mode and prefers it to her shaky and painful robot mode. The others keep her occupied and work with her every day to keep her happy, productive, and healthy.
Through the help of Shred particularly, Gnash has been able to become a fully fledged member of the Pride. When unleashed in battle, Gnash is a force to be reckoned with, but the others have to keep an eye on her, lest she may even turn on her sisters. Thankfully there are measures in place to calm her down, and all three of her fellow Raptoricons are brutally protective of her, despite any danger she may present. 
To date, Gnash knows nothing of her past. Her memory banks are too badly damaged, and none of the others in the Pride possess the technical know-how to try and repair her. So they all do what they can, managing her and protecting her, and she feels a great amount of kinship with her newfound family.

In beast mode, Gnash is strong and brutal, hammering her way through lines of foes like a clawed battering-ram. She can roar so loudly that it can shatter rock, and a crack of her tail can send a combatant's head flying. Despite her exposed Cybertronian exo-structure, she is the most durable of the four.
Her unstable robot mode, however, is even more impressive. She can tear enemies in two, and fights almost entirely with her bare claws. Yet the mysterious green energy that envelops her is where her true strength can be found. She can manipulate this power into her physical strikes to make them much more explosively devastating.
The most amazing of her powers is the Emerald Roar from her distended maw. In robot mode, the unfettered energy pulsing within her can be concentrated and fired from her mouth, and it can cleave an armored war-bot into molten pieces.
Shred thinks that Gnash could take on a Combiner single-clawed, but Thrash doesn't want to test the theory just yet.

Weaknesses: Gnash's emotional instability and damaged logic circuits means that she needs her sisters around almost constantly to keep her on-point and out of danger. Her rage can (and has) harmed her sisters in the past, much to even Gnash's own horror. She has trouble communicating, but has been getting more coherent in recent cycles. The most troubling is her energy output; Gnash can only stay in robot mode for an extremely limited time before shorting out, even faster than her sisters. The other three still don't know what is causing her blackouts, and if she uses her Emerald Roar, it runs the risk of putting her out of combat for a mega-cycle.
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I only just found her today, she reminds me of Transmutate, and I love her design all the more for it.
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i her robot mode is a well done fusion of transmetal 2 cheetor and Dinobot. 
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If this was a toy, I'd buy it.
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Wonder what would happen if she met Grimlock...
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She is the psycho of the group XD.
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Quite the design I see! :D
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Gnash is my favorite Raptoricon
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her head reminds me of nemesis 
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Kinda reminds me of Transmetal II Dinobot, but with skin.
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I definitely get the feeling of her being unstable in this form
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as Commenting on all 4 would get annoying I'll just say here, I'd buy each one of them if they had toys
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Very cool and creepy.
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