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Another concept for :icongleamingscythe:

If there's any one animal that's the backbone of the new civilizations of the world, it's The Ragnadon. This hardy, highly adaptable and successful beast has been spread to every surface land mass by Salvaticans and Felonians alike. In Salvatica it's skin is used for clothing, bindings, armor, and remedies, while it's meat is the mainstay of the markets and dealers. In Felonia Ragna Burgers are the fast food staple, and in both countries, the milk of the species is a precious commodity. Ragnadons are one of the few species that still live in large numbers on farms in Felonia, the country having switched to cloned and processed goods long ago, but the populace has been reluctant to give up natural Ragnadon products. In Salvatica, even the animals urine is used in the formulation of alcoholic beverages. They're easily domesticated, and can be used as mounts, or as workhorses without any need for selective breeding. The wonder of it all is that the Ragnadon never changes. They're visually the same even in the frozen land of Bull Head as they are in the scorching jungles of Southern Salvatica. In cold regions they grow out a thick coat underneath their shells, and in warm regions, they slowly shed this coat as they grow, or are born without it. The Ragnadon is a new species, but it's a distant cousin of the Armadillo from human times. They're omnivorous, preferring to feed on fruits and vegetables, but will switch to meaty diets during droughts, dry spells, or in tundra regions. Males also switch to diets heavy in meats during the mating season to put on bulk in a hurry. The tusks of the males are slightly larger than those of females, but they're present in both genders, and are used in mating rituals, and as a tool for digging. Both genders dig up eggs, insect larvas, and fish that hibernate in mud during dry seasons. Females also dig "birthing pits" where they deposit their young. At the first sign of danger mothers herd their young into these slanted tunnels, and face the threat. If it's too large for the mother to drive away, she'll back up into the tunnel herself, leaving the front part of her body exposed while she makes a last ditch effort to drive off the attacker by growling, barking, roaring, and spitting at the attacker. This is known as The Last Stand, because the mother will not back down. In a desperate survival mechanism, she will sacrifice herself, in the belief that the predator's hunger will be sated by feeding on her, and it will move on. Unfortunately predators are sometimes unable to finish off an entire adult Ragnadon alone, and the offspring becomes trapped in the birthing pit by it's mother's corpse and starves. But Ragnadon young that lose their mothers and make it out of a birthing pit are able to switch to solid foods soon after.
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stunning work!