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RAMPAGE - Smashing San Antonio

My poster for the RAMPAGE event this weekend at City Base Entertainment in San Antonio, TX! Come out Friday pm or Saturday all day to get a copy!
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i just got the movie on dvd at walmart :3

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Yay. Note that DvD may not contain all the special features of BlueRay. But I'm not entirely sure.

May I use this for my wood carving

It's the son of king kong

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Think there will be a sequel
thejokersbrother's avatar
This was a really good movie. I hope they make part 2.
I saw the movie a few days ago. I even made a journal about it. 
115Guardian's avatar
I only just saw the movie. Your art is fantastic!
lunarkaijuwarrrior1's avatar
DragonofAzarath's avatar
Still can't believe they replaced Lizzie with Crock and George with Harry.
Godzillaworld1516's avatar
i can't Believe Ralph  got killed by Lizzie
GarciaXVLegend's avatar
I know right! I got so pissed & sad honestly because Ralph The Wolf is my favorite Rampage Monster.
ZilonKing's avatar
Has anyone watched the movie? Its Awsome.
Irasaac's avatar
what movie is this?
I have, and I agree.
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I see the Arcade game in there
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Nicely done, even if the movie for some reason completely lost the origin of the monsters.
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In the special features of the movie, the directors said that they said that the original concepts were faithful to the game origins - but they decided that the technology wasn't advanced enough.

Daneasaur's avatar

That... doesn't make sense. Most of the monsters were motion captured anyway and having George, Lizzie, and Ralph being mutated humans would have been easier than having them be animals.

GoTeamSlugs's avatar

That's true, but I meant the technology in relation to real life science. Enhancing organisms which are already animals is much easier than transforming a human into a hybrid being.

Daneasaur's avatar

It wasn't supposed to be realistic, it was meant to be a plot based on a game series that was already outlandish.

GoTeamSlugs's avatar

True. I suppose they figured that a giant bipedal wolf would look corny in this live-action adaptation.

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