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Project Hyperion Creature Designs

Characters featured in PROJECT HYPERION, written by Jeremy Robinson!…
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You know what I’m actually curious how dangerous is Hyperion to Godzilla or any of his Friends.
Stormtali's avatar
Amazing though Lovecraft oddly looks like a Elephant Version of Chthulu but who knows  Stories are amazing
Stephen-0akley's avatar
Really love what you did with Lovecraft n Giger!!!
onebat's avatar
hyperion looks like he should be cutting down monsters while an evil with screeams.
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Bracey100's avatar
Well, I want a toy of Hyperion now. 
Willdude54's avatar
I really don't want to complain, because all of the designs are pretty good, but I'd want a little more Giger in Giger. Lovecraft is, of course, based off of Cthulhu, and that's honestly a little disappointing. You could have added some more biomechanical functions to Giger and Lovecraft Should, at least in my opinion, go for more of a Dagon/Shoggoth look to shake things up a little. It's all opinion, and I can't change the designs now, but I feel these could have been better.
StevenSerisawa's avatar
Your not alone in that opinion man. Lovecraft should have been a horrific mixture of several Lovecraftian horrors in my opinion. Giger looks close to be right on the money, but he needs a bit biomech traits. 
Kaijukid23's avatar
The novels set in the world where the kaijus are "realistic", so they will keep the design simple, i think. The Giger name came from his skin pattern and that silver-like, translucent head
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...I didn't know Hyperion has shoulder cannonsOops!! Thank you for all these wonderful designs~:D (Big Grin) 
Kaijukid23's avatar
Just wanna say "and he also has a larger cannon" but realized that you're the one who drew that
ranasan's avatar
I really like how these new kaiju don't have any explosive membranes, no offense they are nifty, it's just everyone and the grandma were sporting them in the last 2 books.
pierremings's avatar
isn't name one of the monsters hyperion a bit dangerous since marvel has a hero with the same name
Kaijukid23's avatar
Hyperion looks a bit like Daimajin
Kaijukid23's avatar
Lovecraft and Giger. I wonder who's next, maybe  Henson?   Craven? Or maybe an auditory based monster called Ifukube?
kaijusaurus387's avatar
I really should start reading these books.
KingKaijuGojira's avatar
OMG, They are the best! They are everything you would want in a kaiju novel.
RolandLatoreSpeed's avatar
They're amazing...
Love how Giger is based off H.R. Giger's Xenomorph... 
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