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Pacific Rim for G-Fest

By KaijuSamurai
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Exactly what it looks like.
My PacRim print for G-Fest!

Drawn by :iconkaijusamurai:
Colors by :icondyemooch:
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© 2013 - 2021 KaijuSamurai
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Pacific Rim: Maelstrom is coming out in summer of 2018.
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I loved that movie. Really hope it gets a great sequel!

Awesome art! :D
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Amazing picture!
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Your work...amazing.
KaijuATTACK877's avatar…
Pray Weep GatorCan Anyone Make these robots dance PLEASE!!! 
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Ah, just watched PR for the EIGHTH time... Never gets old.
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This is awesome!!! :thumbsup:
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This movie was so KICKASS!
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Yay GO Gipsy kick there butt :D
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Pacific rim is by far the best movie ever made to me ;-; 

You are amazing
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Pacific Rim Neo? :D 
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'Pacific rim was the first all monster vs all human that made me happy when humans win
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This movie rocked so hard.
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Love it!!! Pacific Rim is the best movie and book of my life!!! i'm also a mega Kaiju groupie!!! [lol so i can name every Kaiju in there lol!!!! studied them fore hours and hours!!!!]
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wow, first time i've met a kaiju groupie.


which kaiju was your favorite from this movie?

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hmmm tough choice i have a few faves, i LOVE slattern but Scunner's awesome too but Trespasser is epic, love him also Leather-Back is also one of my favorites :happybounce:  , *sigh* so many choices!!! nah i can't decide but those are my favorites Love 

which are yours?
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You are a kaiju groupie? Awesome :D
I am a jeager groupie, haha XD
kpgirl123's avatar
Dude, i'm both! Way Both! I'm obsessed with both and know all the names of both! Their all so amazing!!!!! <3
Creaturehunter's avatar
I know right! My fave jeager would have to be Tacit Ronin. I really loved the overall design of it,  but I am slightly dissapointed we didn't get to see him fight much ;-;
What is your fave? :D
kpgirl123's avatar
Ohhh, ya he's definitely in my top 3 of favorites along with Gypsy [of course!] and Diablo Intercept, also Cherno Alpha, and oh my word, so many to choose from!!!
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slattern may be a really cool kaiju, but ootachi is my most favorite. and also leatherback and kinfehead.
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