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New Dino Transformers preview

I got the OK to show off this preview! Stay tuned!
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Feathered Dinobots?  That'd be kickass!
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Oh!  I'm definitely keeping an eye on this, looks like it could be a really cool one!  :D
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I'm interested, that's for sure.
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Maybe we'll get a Scientifically accurate Dinobot! Can't wait! :D
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Excellente! Now I wonder what the Indominus Rex would look like as a Transformer - probably a hulking female in the vein of Beast Machines Strika! :D
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That would be awesome!
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Is this another Beast Wars toy idea they're be working on?

IF it is then I think they should stop what they are doing.

Why? Because these guys look as though they might be for TF movie or upcoming movie anyway.

And instead focus more on remaking some Beast Wars toys that needs more work on and make them more TV accurate.

Just like Optimus they have done this far in which I can't wait for it to come out.

Such as Scorponok mainly the head, Inferno head and his two guns of his, Dinobot, Cheetor, Quickstrike by not using see through clear yellow parts and such, Megatron and TM Megatron by making his thrusters rotatable just like on the show.

Because none of these guys don't look like they're on the show what so ever.

Unless they're trying to create some new characters?
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Hoew exactly do they look like something out of a TF movie? Those are feathers, not spikes.
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Look up Dinobot Slash.

For he is one of TF 4 Age Of Extinction Dinobot whom never made it to the movie along with Snarl, Slog.

He had better not be Dinobot.

For Dinobot has no feathers what so ever.

IF he is a new, never before toy characters then I hope they make more.

Such as a Komodo Dragon
Look up Transformer Jungle Planet Wreckloose.

Btw are the other Dinobots in this picture other character ideas or are they all the same since the last one has spike from what I see?
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I'm aware of Slash. He was planned at some point...or rather a whole pack of him, according to concept art. He is also the non-movie Dinobot with the most toys.  I'm also aware that he has "feathers". Yep, the 2014 movie with the Dinobots is more progressive than the 2015 movie with cloned Dinosaurs in that regard.
However he looks mechanical while those guys look organic, Beast Wars-style.

And what is wrong about a more accurate Dinobot?
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Well, the Universe one was almost perfect.

The only thing they could've done more of it tho is more paint accurate such as JP velociraptor colors, blue robot head colored face and making his tail weapon spin able just like the old deluxe.

So far they've done well with universe version of Rhinox, Rattrap and Waspinator thus far.

Now they need to do is Work more on Dinobot, Cheetor, Scorponok, TM Megatron and Rampage by making him have more paint job and all six crab legs on his shoulder and not on the side of his robot arms of his.

It would be cool to not only bring back Beast Wars toys back but to make new, never before seen until now Maximals and Predacons.

Like a Komodo Dragon named Tracker, Chameleon named Camo, more Dinosaur ones, ect.
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The Henkei release of the Universe mold is actually more paint accurate.
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Yes but it's very expensive tho.

They should try use THAT same colored version mode but this time improve his weapon by making it spin able just like the very first deluxe Beast Wars toy and TV.

Otherwise keep tinkering with it until you get it right.

And that including Cheetor whom needs work on big time.

Mainly the transformation and the weapons.

Oh, and the reason why I said Megatron is so that his left tail weapon of his can not only fire missile just like in Beast Wars part 2 ending but can be removable in order to reveal his robotic hand.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
You at least got one version of him released. We never got the Universe Version here.

I think Cheetor's problem is that an organic Cheetah's proportions do not work well for a Transformer ( Tigatron would have worked better ).  
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tell us what ist is already pleaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!
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clever girl...
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I await with bated breath. :-)
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Interesting. Are you really doing 4 different Dromaeosaur based Dinobots, or are they just 4 different concept designs for the same robot? Because 4 Dromaeosaurs seems a bit much. They're all pretty neat designs however.
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Might depend on the context in which they appear. Maybe they are a team in an all Dinobot setting...
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