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YAY. This looked like fun.
Credit goes to the talented :iconfox-orian:
Check here for the original -

Here's the guide (not in order of importance) -
1. Joe Mad (and other amazing graphic comic art).

2. Guyver, i.e. Yoshiki Takaya's wonderful character designs.

3. Ultraman (especially Tiga) and the cool-looking/badly-written comic by Khoo Fuk Lung

4. Bob Eggleton, and ironically, more his "realistic" style than his fantasy work.

5. Art Adams and his ladies (not to mention another G artist!)

6. GO GO POWER RANGERS (or Zyuranger, whatever).

7. Beast Wars (and Transformers in general)

8. Legend of Zelda (Ocarina, of course)

9. Will Stout (and the grand Dino-art-genre!)

10. Good ol' Steve...

11. King Kong 2005 (love it or hate it, all of the cool art and concepts made for this movie put me on the path I am today. DEAL WITH IT :P)

12. Spiderman! (particularly Ultimate and the Spectacular show)

13. Dragon Dragon! Rock the Dragon! DRAGON BALL Z.

14. Jeff Rebner and his Rebnerwerks. Definitely a personal inspiration and friend!.

15. And, of course, good ol' GOJIRA and the kaiju genre as a whole.
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Nice Re-Do man. Like it.
SpyroOandOcynder's avatar
you guys seriouse kill me with awesome drawing skills!
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I like how you used the Godzilla vs Mothra/ The Thing poster for your influence map. I think they should have saved that poster for when Godzilla vs Biollante came out. I mean, Mothra isn't a plant!
i know right what were they thinking
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Gotta love Godzilla and Beast Wars
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Nice one, Steve's my hero, too.
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You love building outside of the box, doncha?
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Cool, another Eggleton fan!
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you really love the kaiju genre. haha. how come you didn't include stop-motion pioneer ray harryhausen? he's also a monster maker
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The Guyver..... Baddass!

Ultraman... Sweet! (especially Nexus)

Eggleton & Adams.... best non-Japanese kaiju artists in the business!

Ocarina of Time... BEST VIDEO GAME EVER!

King Kong 2005.... Fantastic movie!

Kaiju eiga.... overall favorite film genre

Dragonb Ball Z.... Best TV Show Ever Made, PERIOD!
(stoked for Raging Blast 2! So can't wait to pit Broly against Hatchyack!)
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You gonna do something Ultraman, Power Rangers, and Zelda related? FINALLY!!!
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cool back round.Neat Influence map
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William Stout is amazing...the new dinosaurs is always within arm's reach at my house
NeonGenesisGuyverIII's avatar
I like the choice of background. People must have been a bit pissed back in the day when they realized the "Thing" was a giant butterfly. Nothing against Mothra, in fact I'd have preffered she actually be in the poster. No honesty in advertising I guess.
Whose the Gorilla at no. 14?
Some of these are my fave. Especially Godzilla.
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