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Happy Valentines Day 2016!

Godzilla attempts to woo Nemesis, Goddess of Vengeance!    
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Every king needs a queen as a goddess needs a god

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Godzilla: I brought these for you. Love 
Nemesis: Seriously? Do I even know you?
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Still a better love story than Twilight. =D
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This is great! Good to see Godzilla love struck for once :)
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awwwwww big g does have a sift spot after all
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hah the old Dr Pepper add! XD
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Isn't Nemesis a bit young for Godzilla ? I mean she's only 13 years old !
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She's actually a separate entity from her human host (In later novels, Nemesis is still very much alive once Maigo is removed from her and has to find a new host to regain her intelligence) and she clearly aged to near-full adulthood in a matter of days. It's Very apparent that her species ages differently.

Whilst not depicted in this anthropomorphized art, the actual problem would be zoophilla. Godzilla is very smart, but he's GENERALLY depicted as being not quite as brainy as us human beings, he's still an animal after all, albeit like JP Velcioraptor smart.

Nemesis on the other hand has a greater grasp of advanced concepts, and is very clearly a sapient entity if you read the novels. Thus a relationship between them would indeed be...kind of freaky.

It'd be like a human fucking a gorilla.  

Not to mention Nemesis would attack Godzilla on sight for all the anguish he's unknowingly caused so many people (seeking brutal justice is kind of he shtik), and as is his usual response to attacks, Godzilla would retaliate in full-force. Meaning a relationship would never happen anyways. 
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Well it depends on which version of Godzilla we're talking about:

Showa Godzilla is completely sapient and can think, perform human-like activities, give directions, and even talk in 'Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster' (albeit needing the Shobijin to translate).

Shin Godzilla may have human DNA in him (similar to Nemesis herself), evidence by those humanoid creatures he was spawning from his tail, and his intelligence might increase due to his ability to evolve at will.

GMK Godzilla is a supernatural creature that is undead and possessed by ghosts.

Godzilla Earth is a plant... so yeah.
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Hence why I said GENERALLY (Although IMO, all the best Godzilla's are non-sapient, it helps make him more tragic of a character to me).

I will agree that the GMK Godzilla is sapient....but his insanity did seem to hinder that quite a bit, he definitely did not make many battle strategies (even less intelligent Godzilla's know to strategize). 

Cannabiszilla (I refuse to call him Godzilla, mostly due to his characterization rather than his floral qualities) is well, he's something.
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Actually, GMK Godzilla DID make some pretty good battle strategies: when Baragon leaped on him to attack again, Godzilla swiped him with his tail; when Mothra attempted to ambush him from behind while he was battling King Ghidorah, Godzilla also swiped her with his tail; and when was battle King Ghidorah underwater and military launched their drill-missile at him, Godzilla moved to make sure the missile hits Ghidorah instead.
He also displayed some hints of sadism, particularly when he first appeared and is about to blast the populace with his Atomic Breath; before he did that he grinned sadistically (not sure if you saw that).

I don't know, I like Godzilla Earth (or Cannabiszilla as you call him). He's pretty cool in my book.
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Been a while since I've seen GMK...although I argue that's some basic stuff most Godzilla's (and other smart animals like Skull Island's Kong) would perform. But your point that's smart is noted. 

I was aware of the sadism, but did not mention it as that's not a human exclusive trait (Dolphins, Cats and Chimps have been known to kill just for funsies).

To me him being unsympathetic (A trait shared by literally every the GMK one, but even than at least his motivation is actually well-written) really detracts from his character, and the fact that he's not much of a character in general also doesn't help. To quote what I've said many times to other people....

Some of the most interesting scene in the Anime for me are actually WHEN he's standing around and sleeping, just chilling with nature. It gave of the feel of him being the planet's gaurdian, a creature whom is only fierce when he feels his home is threatened. 

And I feel those scenes could've been used to have given him more character....basically I would have wanted a story that showed both sides of the equation, like maybe give Godzilla some flashbacks to show his more primitive view on humanity's devastation of Earth and how it impacted him directly.

Well Final Wars is by no means a good movie (It is however a FUN as hell movie), I always did like the concept that Godzilla can forgive mankind, and feel that would have made an interesting final wrap up on the anime's story.

The main moral (Or at least one of them) of the anime is supposably that "Hatred Destroys", so I actually think it would strengthen the narrative a bit more, to show that maybe both Harou and Godzilla need to let-go of their vengeful attitudes, a balance between humanity and nature so to speak needs to be met. 

But the Anime just decided to make him a ruthless genocidal abomination instead, which I feel was a poor choice and really throws of those quite atmospheric scenes for me. Than again, what do you expect from a story written by a nihilist.

So yeah more reasons for disliking Godzilla Earth go quite beyond "OH MY GURD, HE IS PLANT". I also hate the Anime for making numerous classic monster cannon-fodder for Godzilla in it's lore. It just feels a bit disrespectful to beloved characters like my boi Anguirus. But thats a WHOLE other topic. 

That's just my two scents, but I shall accept your opinion. 
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Considering the GMK Godzilla is literally possessed by the spirits of the human soldiers that were killed by Japan in WWII, his sadistic behavior and sapience are justifiable.

Metphies himself explained Godzilla's motivation in the Anime quite well actually; Godzilla is simply fallowing his instincts of being the Avatar of Destruction. Earth isn't the only planet, the Exif have witnesses other civilizations on other planets get destroyed by monsters, as well.
This is apparently a natural process in the Anime universe; a civilization will advance to the point that it will give birth to creatures, and those creatures will in turn destroy the civilization that created them. The technology was (unintentionally) created to breath life into monsters like Godzilla Earth.

This is where King Ghidorah comes in. All planets with advanced civilizations (like humans) eventually spawn a giant monster (in Earth's case, Godzilla) that becomes food for Ghidorah, who arrives to harvest them, and then devour the entire planets.

Gen Urobuchi is a fan of Lovecraft. And the monsters in Lovecraft are often beyond human comprehension, both physically and mentally. The fact that we cannot fully understand Godzilla Earth's motivation for doing what he does simply plays into Lovecraft's theme.
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Yes, but GMK is a good movie, which actually explores meaningful themes. Japan really does need to swallow it's pride and accept it's actions in WW2 as wrong, and the writer tackles that mastefully, with nearly ZERO contradictions. I fucking love GMK, one of the best films in general ever made in my book.

On the other hand of this discussion....

I'm aware....I watched the movies (though I wish I did'nt  every lingering moment of my existence), and have studied their lore thoroughly to figure out what exactly i don't like about this universe.

That doesn't make for an interesting character though does it. And Godzilla has always and SHOULD always be a character in his movies. What Gen did'nt realize (Among other things, to be fair I don't think he understands many things in general), Godzilla is NOT a lovecraft monster, and it one of the things that makes him special.   

The fact that we can relate to Godzilla's pain is what puts him above a traditional movie monster that. It's his whole shtick and it works well, and brings forth a lot of interesting story ideas. And I insist it would have made the ANIME more intriguing to have actually given him some depth.

But then again the writer can't even write human characters well, so I doubt he could give characterization to anything else.

Don't even get my started on the outright nihilistic "Humanity can't change, we should just never advance or die" bullshit, it's far too heavy handed. Not to mentioned Gen can't even be bothered to explain WHY that's a thing that happens in the universe. Some may call that ambiguity, but honestly I think he pulled shit out of his ass and called it "DEEP".

Gen is (Seemingly innately) a terrible writer and if his views are truly what is shown on screen (Humanity should not advance past the stone-age), I dare say he's a utterly terrible person, whom I'd not want to be stranded on an island with.

This is all just for debate, I sincerely apologize if I offended you in anyway. 
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It's baby Godzilla? Remember in Godzilla Vs Destroyah B G died and Baby G grew up
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It's not even the right design for that to be the case. 
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Cool and cute! Love the Nemesis books. Happy Valentines Day!   :heart:
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if Godzilla and nemesis had a child it would be a extremely  powerful kaiju
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yea but witch godzilla? theres been more then one.
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