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Godzilla Rulers of Earth issue 4 cover

Line art by :iconkaijusamurai:
Colors by :icondyemooch:
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SP-Goji-Fan's avatar's...DESTOROYAH!!!!!!!!
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Featured in portuguese art blog Coisas da Interwebs. Have a nice day!
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Oh crap not Destroyah! o.o
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Godzilla vs destroya? Single handedly? That's not fair, Godzilla could barely damage him in the burning mode, and his fire breathe was apparently the same fire breathe that blasted Keizer Ghidorah into space and finished off MG2 and SG.
Jupiter514's avatar
Bioniclezilla76's avatar
You corrected a typo on a half decade old comment on a fictional character name.
I mean thanks? It's like grading an English assignment from fifth grade, but okay.
Drow3323's avatar
She's gonna she-rape Godzilla, I just know it
Jupiter514's avatar
Its technically a "he"
Drow3323's avatar
A lot of stuff I saw on the internet says otherwise
Jupiter514's avatar
Check out the Wikizilla article on Destoroyah:

And where/what exactly is this "evidence" for Destoroyah being female? (If I may ask and no offense by the way)
Drow3323's avatar
It’s been forever since I say the thing, but it had to do with comparing crabs or something. I don’t even remember the websites name, lol. But the evidence stuck with me
Jupiter514's avatar
Cool, if only I could see the sources you found...
Drow3323's avatar
I know, it sucks. Ah well, it’s my headcanon, but I won’t force you to believe what i believe
Drow3323's avatar
I meant she (destroyah) is going to fucking end Godzilla
Bioniclezilla76's avatar
Than were did the rape come from?!
Drow3323's avatar
just another word for how brutal it would be.

here is an urban dictionary definition:

To utterly defeat another person in any form of competitive activies.

Bioniclezilla76's avatar
Heh how naive I was about the internet four years ago.

(Proceeds to ignorantly respond to a four year old post despite ettiquite)
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Just Read the latest number of Rulers of Earth, and its simply leages ahead of Kingdom of monsters and Godzilla! Way to Go Master Frank! (The Underdog was equally awesome =))
Mindslave24-7's avatar
Well, now you done gone and made him mad..... :no;
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