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Godzilla Rulers of Earth #23 cover

By KaijuSamurai
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Lineart by :iconkaijusamurai:
Colors by :icondyemooch:
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Get him, King Caesar,

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gojifan42Hobbyist Artist
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kahnacHobbyist Writer
This just makes me think of a "Return of the King" concept, which i'm sure was intentional, and i praise you all the more for it. I only hope that this means King Caesar will put douche-face MC battra in his place, and make him come to his senses.
HYPERGODZILLAHobbyist Filmographer
I love this..........we need and Anime series of Godzilla with these beautiful graphics!!!!Clap Clap 
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gojifan42Hobbyist Artist
That would be so cool!
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JW-GojifanHobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree.  That is the one thing Godzilla never got.  I mean think about it, movies, books, toys, music but never an anime series.  I'd love to see that.
HYPERGODZILLAHobbyist Filmographer
Good news!!!!:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) ........  I searched and found..if there is an anime of Godzilla!!!!Clap Clap This is as full blown as it gets! named Monster Island friends!....but it is not an Evangelion or Attack on Titan anime style ..is for kids:) (Smile) :) (Smile) .... is a children's anime ....... but here's the intro ..... and I really liked the songLove Love 


please help me to share it....good bye friend!!! ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink) 
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Miss-HorizonHobbyist General Artist
OMFG KING CEASAR !! YASSSS :thumb488031954:
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ultrakoichiHobbyist Digital Artist
Mega fight in OKINAWA!!
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King Caesar... the First, Ancient King of the Monsters... is Back!!!! And with him & Godzilla rallying the monsters together, I'm sure they'll destroy the hordes of Trilopods and send the Cryog invasion packing! It's time for the daikaiju to SMASH!!!!!!!!! :D
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Oh...My...Godzilla! They're Brining King Caesar! Hell Yes!!!!!!!2003 Godzilla Roars Icon 
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Most epic staring contest ever!
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EnshohmaProfessional Digital Artist
In "Rulers of Earth", King Caesar was the first leader of the hero monsters of Earth, predating even ancient Mothra!

So his return might be the 'Paul Ravere calling' needed to unite the Earth monsters against The Trillopod armies. Or at least that's my theory.
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MonsterKingOfKarmen Traditional Artist
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Battra! Hells to the yeah!
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King Shisa/Seesar vs Battra?? YES!!
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dragokaiju2000Hobbyist Artist
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Go King Caesar! Battra's got nothing on you >;3
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UndeadKaijuQueenStudent General Artist
Kick his ass Battra! King Caesar can't do anything. He's just a dog. >:)
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Awesome as always. :D
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