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Godzilla: ROE issue 2 - pages 2-3

Issue 2 hits stores August 7th!
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Ronda Pattison
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Who's going to win? The King of the Monsters or the faker?
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More like King of the Monsters vs a unique kaiju? Because Zilla is a good kaiju on his own, not as a Godzilla but his son Zilla Jr. , I accepted his son as a Godzilla a long time ago!
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That's just my opinion btw
IndoraptorOrionfan19's avatar
Yea. Though hating on a 21 year old movie is quite stupid!
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I know, but, I actually don't hate the movie. I thought it's pretty good as its own thing, as a Godzilla film, through, not so much.
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Same here! BUT wanna know what I think when I hear Godzilla 1998? I think of TACOS!
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Y'know what? I think the comic handled this battle way better than Final Wars ever did. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed FW but I felt it was pretty mean-spirited how they handled Zilla. Like the movie gave in to the hate culture of the creature and said 'Hey let's make sure people hatred of this version is stamped on, let's humiliate the shit out of those who decided on taking Godzilla in a different direction!' 

But this comic did a better job because instead of making fun of Zilla's existence they just made him a better character than the 1999 movie version. Actually building a newfound respect for Zilla as a different entity.
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1998 movie actually.

But yes, I agree.

I do think Zilla hate is unwarranted, and Toho only amplified it as though they were going "Hey, yeah? Remember when you all called this thing a mistake and a disgrace? Well, we agree with you! So now we immortalized the hatred!"

Doesn't help the fact that allegedly they [Toho] purposely made Zilla's CG look bad...

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First off, I LOVE the design and stats for your IDW Zilla! She' seems a lot tougher than the 98 movie or Cartoon Zillas.

How tall is your IDW Zilla? If Godzilla here is 328', then what does that make this Zilla here?
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This might sound weird but...... Awwww, I bet they make a cute couple.
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This series looks awesome, I've only read the first issue so far but this series looks so cool.
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I love Zilla's design!
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And this is why I never visited Hawaii...That's Honolulu right?
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Oh damn! Shit just got so real!
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Thy should make a movie about this godzillavs american Godzilla ....oh wait they did world at war feature a lot of the different Godzilla.
Ok ok, we all know how people feel about the '98 version of Zilla and how he would lose quickly yada yada. Now let's put this in terms of Godzilla vs Zilla Jr. Who might I add is far more able than his father in terms of durability, abilities, and weapons.
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It saddens me how people are so hostile to the '98 version.  I know he's not "the" Godzilla and Toho had every right to be mad about how they tried to remake him.  HOWEVER,  he was my (and many others) first introduction to a great cultural icon,  and that means something.  Also,  without that movie we may not have gotten this new one.  So I'm glad you added him here.  Thank you.
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Toho was mad because they owned the copyright, and the 1998 film did not get permission to use the name. 
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You got that wrong, Tristar got all the rights from Toho. Hence actually Toho stamped and approved this version now dubbed Zilla. They liked it, the ones that didnt was the public
Toho was mad not because of the redesign, in fact they loved it, the problem was Zilla's more cowardly attitude and the fact that he didn't act like Godzilla. Hence the name change since they took the God out of Godzilla.
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Say what you want about that 1999 movie, but I love the design for that Godzilla. Hence me rooting for the one on the right! Yeah go sexy boy :D
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