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Godzilla Neo VS The Devil

Requested by Peter Gilmore for his Daikaiju-themed art book, DEVILS REIGN: DAIKAIJU, this was drawn by me and colored by Kevin Enhart. HAIL SATAN! *headbangs*
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Imagine if Godzilla and Doomguy met and teamed up to escape hell. BTW this looks awesome.

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Godzilla: yeah yeah. hey do you know were Tokyo is?

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wish this was in godzilla in hell

kingmaximus812's avatar

Cool! Its Bagan's final form!

SpectraPhantom17's avatar
Is it just me, or does the devil look like a mash up of all of Godzilla's foes?
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Getting some Bagan vibes here.

Edit: "vibes" fits better than "themes"
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Bagan ain’t the devil, this isn’t Tohokingdom.
Well "the Devil" does seem to look like Bagan's first design.
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That’s because the film that first design was meant to debut in was what began the “Godzilla vs the Devil” hoax. It does not however support the completely made up idea fans have that Bagan is teh stronkest gojiller munstir an finel bos of teh whole franchise.
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Godzilla looks like he's asking the Devil what the hell he's supposed to be in confusion. I like it.
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Godzilla's gonna need the help of Doomguy if he ever hopes to come out relatively unscathed XD
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drake-fighter-0127's avatar
That's metal as all hell!
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Looks like bagan
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Godzilla is fuuuuucked.
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you honestly think so? Godzilla has escaped hell before
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V1EWT1FUL's avatar
sweet mother of god in heaven
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And this is based on a REAL religious depiction? That's pretty cool. Looks like i need to keep doing my religious research to know this kind of stuff.:)
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
could be... but Bagan is actually an unmade Toho Kaiju
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I know Bagan's history VERY well. However, I can assure you this ISN'T Bagan, by any means. Despite the fact this thing has a similar appearance to the Totem Bagan incarnation, this is a kaiju from a different, unmade film. Though I can see where the inspiration for his original appearance apparently came from.:)
TheWatcherofWorlds's avatar
Oh, so it is a monster recycled from Totem Bagan
kahnac's avatar
I guess. I honestly don't know that much about Kaiju Satan aside from what i heard Matt mention. In fact, I don't think the original version was gonna look anything like this in its movie. But it must've had SOME kind of influence to inspire Bagan's creation.:)
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This is pretty close to what Kaiju Satan was gonna look like, at least according to the mock up that was done at, and Kaiju Satan begat Totem Baragon, who eventually was scrapped entirely and we ended up with what we got in Super Godzilla
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