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Published: March 8, 2019
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Bone Devils

Height: (Smaller variant) 20 meters
Height: (Alpha/"Chiros") 50 meters

Length: (Smaller variant) 60 meters
Length: (Alpha/"Chiros") 100 meters

Mass: (Smaller variant) 7,000 metric tons
Mass: (Alpha/"Chiros") 20,000 metric tons

The SKULLCRAWLERS are a mysterious species to say the least. While arguably descendants of similar superspecies that shared the planet with the likes of SHINOMURA, these creatures seem to be unique to Pharaoh Island's volcanic ecology, although whether or not these kaiju exist in substantial numbers elsewhere has yet to be determined.
Classified as "hypervores" by MONARCH scientists, these animals have a constantly active metabolism, meaning they are driven to consume endlessly. Humans, animals, even other Skullcrawlers are on the menu if they become hungry enough. It is theorized that the Skullcrawlers were in a state of semi-hibernation underneath Pharaoh until the events of 1962. When the MONARCH expedition arrived, they were quickly embroiled in the war between the SON OF KONG and the quickly multiplying reptilian predators. While Kong's species had more or less kept them at bay for centuries, the young Kong now found himself in an uphill battle.
Unfortunately, MONARCH's arrival had coincided with the emergence of not just multiple Skullcrawlers, but also their "king," the Devil himself, which the Iwi named CHIROS, an ancient fire spirit, said to be a corrupted shaman who tried to become ruler of the Skullcrawlers, only to become one himself. Some conflicting reports name the monster "Ranmarak" or "Ramarak" but these have not been substantiated.
In reality, "Chiros" may simply be an alpha genetically disposed towards being larger and stronger than the rest of the pack, not unlike bees and ants. Through the intervention of MONARCH, Kong was able to kill Chiros and protect the island from being overrun.
But who knows if more Skullcrawlers still lurk deep within the Earth...and if they ever emerged in modern civilization, they would find no end of food to satiate their appetites.

- Hypervore behavior: constant drive to hunt and consume makes them nearly mad with bloodlust
- Prehensile tail
- Armored skulls used like melee weapons
- Grasping hands for climbing and combat
- Prehensile tongues
- Larger variant exudes extreme heat from within his body, possible a volcanic environment adaptation
- Able to excrete superheated saliva, boiling temperature able to scald flesh in seconds.

UP NEXT - Godzilla Earth
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i do enjoy them a lot more than the MUTOs
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TorkudaHobbyist Writer
Gotta love the detailing. You really took care with this!
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KinkySnekQueenNew Deviant
I love this so much qwq
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I love this Neo concept .
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Loa23081Hobbyist Traditional Artist

I want

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I would love to see Godzilla fight a Skull Crawler.

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you know i though the noses were there eyes when i first saw them. Boy was i confused
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MartinUribeNew Deviant
Thus the reason why they are called Skullcrawlers
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okay you've got some good points
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Remind me of Some monster that fought with King Kong :/
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SadFrogersonNew Deviant
These look more badass than the ones in the movie!
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you sir are very talented
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LightsourceHeroHobbyist Digital Artist
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I know you didn ask, but since you want Godzilla Earth to be another godzilla here are my two cents.

When I first watched the anime trailer, I thought the people fled earth to go to another planet... and found godzilla there as well... it seemed really weird.

Why not roll with that idea? Maybe this is where Biollante ended up when her spores were scattered into space... and Godzilla Earth is the final evolution of Biollante, and through her cells this whole planet has been terraformed. Maybe the mothra-worshipping natives of this world are also descended from the human part of Biollantes DNA, and Mothra visited them when she was traveling through space... Mechagodzilla on this planet could also be tied into the space-based mechagdozilla lore then somehow?

MAybe the expedition to this world was a joint venture between humans and Xillians after their wars? I dont know just throwing ideas out there... Godzilla Earth being biollante would be cool to me though.
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Awesome take.

I love to see your take on the other Titans
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 Interesting, you gave the Skullcrawler Ramarock the same name as the main antagonist of Kong: the animated series. Nicely done on mixing the two.
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So is the Godzilla Earth one a dropped idea or is it supposed to say Bride of Godzilla?
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Theoretically, it's not that the day of the innocents makes a special.
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flumboHobbyist Artist
Aaaaand with KotM out there's a bunch more kaiju's to add to the NEO roster, as well as possible renditions of the four big ones (Godzilla has two new forms now, he gets his slightly altered new look, and then he becomes BURNING LEGENDARY GODZILLA)
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Beautiful , ,,Chiros " is a very cool Name for the Alpha.
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DevilsLairComicsProfessional General Artist
It's also a nod to "Kong: The Animated series"
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Ah yes ,its been ages since I saw the series .
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