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Godzilla Neo - RODAN

By KaijuSamurai
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Supersonic Monster

Height: 45 meters
Mass: 10,000 metric tons
Wingspan: 100 meters
Type 1 - Beast Class

RODAN is the last remaining pterosaur on the planet. The flying monster's species has been theorized as one which inhabited the collosal island chain in the south pacific 65 million years ago, along with Gojirasaurs and Angilasaurs. Yet, like Anguirus, Rodan is so much more massive than any other member of his species, yet there is no indication as to how he became so enormous.
Rodan is a largely solitary kaiju, as he doesn't seem to share any sort of bond with Godzilla or Anguirus. True, the three have been seen fighting alongside each other, but Rodan is usually the first to leave. This could very well be because the current Rodan is the survivor of three Rodans who appeared in the late 50's, he being their son. As a result, this behavior indicates that Rodans are solitary animals until they find mates, but Rodan has detached himself from the rest of the kaiju to the opposite extreme of Godzilla's and Angurius's relationship.
Rodan is no friend of humankind, though he is not particularly aggressive. That is to say, he's happy just staying away from people and eating fish and whales in the open ocean. Granted, the original pair that appeared in 1956 immediatelly began killing people and ravaged Fukuoka, but this was largely territorial, and the two assumed their home to have been invaded. When the younger Rodan discovered how wide-spread humans were, he simply decided to leave.
Rodan values his freedom above all else. Any attempts to capture the monster have been met with extreme aggression. As such, the EDF has issued a "no-fly-zone" around any area that Rodan currently roosts.

NOTE: It is important to consider that Rodan has an INTENSE aggression towards Meganula-spawn. He does not simply eat them...he ensures that an entire radius of them is wiped clean. It should be noted that Megaguirus provides the most even match of air-born prowess to Rodan's own.

- Flight at speed of excess of Mach 3 (powered flight)
- Extreme flight speed results in massive sonic booms and shockwaves
- Maneuverability outmached only by Varan and Megaguirus
- Crests on head change color with mood
- Abdomen impervious to most weaponry, though otherwise relies on speed and dodging. A direct hit WILL stun, even drop the creature from the sky

Character (c) Toho
Redesigned by Matt Frank

UP NEXT: Mothra
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menslady125Hobbyist Filmographer
Rodan, you are cute and you know it!
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Spike-McFinnHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Rodan!
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Green-Rabb1tHobbyist General Artist
fuck off mate
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Spike-McFinnHobbyist Traditional Artist

I have a soft spot for pterosaurs and Rodan is one of the best examples of that, along with Swoop of Transformers' Dinobot squad. I'd heard about this cryptid sighting in Tombstone, Arizona where some cowboys shot a creature that might have been either a thunderbird or a pterosaur. There was a photo but no one knows what happened to it. Still, it's interesting to speculate.

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Yep pterosaurs are quite awesome, especially since there is a new one discovered called Cryodrakon boreas. Now imagine that as a kaiju.

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Spike-McFinnHobbyist Traditional Artist
Just saw it now. I see what you mean. And thank you for bringing that up.
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You're welcome

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Spike-McFinnHobbyist Traditional Artist
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darth-gigglez123Student General Artist
Love it
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He also rams opponents in comics
Tigershark8600's avatar
I like it but the wings. The wings are too close to a pterosaur. I love rodan because he had normal arms and still looked cool. Like ur fire rodan design...just gorgeous bro. Luv it. This too but not as much.
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This one remains one of my alltime favorites. The naturalistic pterosaur anatomy is all there, but the essential Rodan elements are preserved; the two crests, the samurai armor scales, and most of all, the sense of strength. Rodan was always a lightning bruiser who could knock other monsters right out of the sky, and this design looks very much capable of that.
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HeromacHobbyist Traditional Artist
Really cool

Might appear in the second one
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Saika1Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, Rodan holds SO many memories for me. <3 He was always my absolute favorite(aside from the Godzilla family) in the game I used to play. You made him look so powerful and wondrous! He makes wonderful (house) cottage cheese!

You did a great job on this, it really amazes me, it is so beautiful! Keep up the wonderful work! You have earned my watch :3 
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mutantapkHobbyist Digital Artist
The fastest of the flyers.
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PappasaurusHobbyist Artist
Wow! That kinda resembles of a pteranodon to me.
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Voiced by James Arnold Taylor
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dragokaiju2000Hobbyist Artist
U know, that kinda fits a lot.
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When did Rodan talk?
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If godzilla was an anime ok
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Really love, the wings, beak and talons.
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