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Godzilla Neo - OBSIDIUS

(definitely took the color scheme from the production art. It's a great experiment in how colors and shading works)

Lava Berserker

Height: 65 meters
Mass: 40,000 metric tons

A living, walking volcano is perhaps the most concise way to describe the gigantic OBSIDIUS. The term "living natural disaster" never before so eloquently described a daikaiju, as the life force of the creature is extremely debateable outside of the Power Surges. Obsidius's emotional range is an oddity as well; angry, confused and in pain. A somewhat sympathetic creature, when the crystals were pushed deep within the continental shelf, somehow a bit of the Earth's own energy merged with the alien energies, and Obsidius was born. Obsidius is an emotional wreck, and while he may have the potential to be an Earth Defender, he's too much of a bully to ally himself with any other kaiju.
2007, the Crystal Incursion. Showers of meteorites peppered the planet, landing in Japan, Monster Island, America and England. Seattle was one of the cities hit hardest, and of the bizarre ecological effects wrought on the planet by the crystals, the west-coast city was besieged by a volcanic eruption, lava flowing through the streets and fires raging out of control.
However, when Obsidius rises, would he be a new force of destruction, or does he see the abomination he had become, and work against the dark designs of Space Godzilla?

- Stone hide composed of obsidian and igneous rock, largely invulnerable to conventional weaponry
- Able to consume raw materials (mostly stone and building rubble) to fuel its internal core
- Can regurgitate lava in a colossal stream
- Able to roll into a tight sphere of rock and smash through obstacles

UP NEXT: Krystalak
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Man I wish there was a Godzilla movie where Godzilla fights Obsidius same with Krystalak.

Hey, is it alright if I can use this pic in an RP? I went to make sure its okay before using it.
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okay. this is epic
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Not a whole lot has changed here, but I dig the "lamprey mouth" thing with the head. The presence of teeth without any jaws makes him feel nice and alien, like something more far removed from chordates than anything has ever been. Definitely feel like he could use more jagged, dark parts though. More... you know, obsidian.
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I read the description and I think it meant that obsidius was an emo
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Oh god that poor thing will die from depression holy fuck that's sad 
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Hello darkness my old friend must be playing in this poor thing's mind all day :( Rip
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Why didn't the rock trolls from frozen look like this
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Loving your work. The attention to detail and the color is superb. I always wanted to see more of Obsidius, maybe in the future?
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Voiced by Robin Atkin Downes  
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He’s got that Doomsday snarl
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well that could kinda work
sorry tho. thought you meant you wanted him to be able to speak.
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As in the Abomination
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Awsome Lava golem dude!
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