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Godzilla Neo - MOKELE MBEMBE

By KaijuSamurai
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River Titan


Titan Class

Height: 90 meters

Length: 200 meters

Mass: 50,000 metric tons


The legendary MOKELE MBEMBE, sometimes thought to be a remnant dinosaur or some other leftover megafauna, is in truth closer to the mythological “Grootslang,” a creature with a mix of reptilian and mammalian traits, perfectly representational of the Titan classification. MONARCH had been monitoring the creature after capturing it decades ago beneath the Nile river. The creature’s insatiable appetite for flesh made it particularly dangerous, and should it ever escape...

As the numerous Titan class kaiju began to erupt from the world’s MONARCH facilities in the wake of MUTO PRIME’s call, Mokele, who’s full name means “The Beast That Blocks Rivers,” violently escaped the Sudan facility and went on a vicious rampage, plucking MONARCH personnel from the area and greedily devouring them. While the monster never made it to Boston, Mokele is now free to roam the new Titan-dominated Earth unopposed, except for other Titans.


  • Armored hide can withstand most ordinance
  • Semi-aquatic, can remain submerged for days
  • Long trunk, extremely strong and dexterous
  • Ravenous carnivore
  • Possible color-shifting abilities 

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GreaterGreeneProfessional Digital Artist
Does anyone know which project is coming next for this series?
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JEart94Hobbyist Digital Artist


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KingGhidra78Hobbyist General Artist


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Will you be doing the other titans? Methuselah, Scylla, Amhuluk, Bunyip, Quetzalcoatl, Leviathan, Typhon, Tiamat, Sekhmet, Yamata no Orochi, Kraken, Abaddon, Baphomet, Queen MUTO, Margygr, Camazotz, Shinomura and the Skull Island Florafauna.

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MetatronKaplanHobbyist General Artist

He might not redo Orochi since there's already an Orochi in his canon. He also posted the Shinomura around a year or two ago. I can't say the same for the others. Hope that helped!

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You can change the name to Hydra.

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That's like result of mixing in crocodile and elephant together.

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Hey, would you mind on doing an art about a game called Geneforge?

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Hey Matt that's a badass kaiju.

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How I wish you could vote on twitter!

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Super :)

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Me when I heard Mokele-Mbebe was a Titan in the Monsterverse: So there's a generic dino stomping around Africa...boring

You about to make it badass as fuck: hold my beer

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This is what Mokele-Mbembe is supposed to look like in the Monsterverse. He actually appeared in the Godzilla: KOTM novelization.

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drewedwardsProfessional Artist


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This is probably the best elephant like one while djaymasi’s is the best sauropod one

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Eh, at least the Djaymasi design went and gave the trunk an actual false head. This looks more like something I'd see in a Tsubaraya production.

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Monstrum10 Traditional Artist

Awesome, please more of it

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Its funny that you posted this today

Trey the Explainer posted a video in his Cryptid Profile series about the Mokele-mbembe today


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This one is really interesting, Matt. I love it!

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I like the teeth you put on the end of the trunk.

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Mr. Snuffleupagus, What have they done to you!?!

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How do you know that this is what this titan looks like?

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He based it on it's description from the Novelization.

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