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Height: 100 meters

Mass: 90,000 metric tons

TYPE 2 - Warrior Class (possible God Class status, requires more study)


In the wake of the early 20th century’s reintroduction to the concept that man is not the sole master of Earth, a secret organization, code-named MONARCH, was founded under President Truman. At first, the clandestine group was small and modestly funded, but on the day GODZILLA I was reported to United World News by Steve Martin in 1954, an emergency meeting was held between the President’s advisors and MONARCH, with the intent of bolstering resources and personnel in order to keep pace with the new forms of life crawling out of the woodwork, and if possible, remain one step ahead. It’s not exactly clear why MONARCH never officially collaborated with the JSDF or the UNGCC, outside of standard intelligence briefings and friendly expressions of international support. To the Japanese, MONARCH felt like a smaller, obligatory cousin that represented little more than a manifestation of the paranoia possessed by the world’s strongest nation that it might suffer the same monster-infested fate as its eastern ally. Little did they know that The American-based organization was on to something BIG...

In 2014, MONARCH, while struggling to maintain anonymity, also struggled to help the US military contain an outbreak of MUTO’s - Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms (MONARCH’s internal terminology for kaiju), specifically the SHINOMURA species (named by Ishirō Serizawa), as the respective male and female counterparts were set on a collision course for the West Coast.

At the same time, the UNGCC recorded mass movements in the Pacific. Kaiju were practically fleeing from...SOMETHING.

A tectonic disturbance was detected in the deepest part of the Pacific, and a massive Shape was seen moving towards Honolulu. Attempts to warn the US military proved tricky thanks to the Shinomura’s EMP ability, but the Navy detected it soon enough...not that they could have done anything to stop it.

A massive, terrible shape rose from the sea and nearly annihilated Honolulu in the process. A gigantic creature, one of the largest kaiju on record, and awoken by the reemergence of its ancient enemies in the modern world.


The monster’s resemblance to the Gojirasaurus family was astonishing. Scientists scrambled to classify the creature, and near as anyone could figure, it is widely regarded as some sort of ancestral super species to the known Gojirasaurus family. This theory is further supported by MONARCH’s own records of cave murals and ancient people’s depictions of Godzilla-like petroglyphs found in dig sites around the world (though MONARCH kept this information largely to itself, under the guise of “need to know” used to justify decades of information hoarding).

These ancient recordings of Godzilla-like creatures, created far before the “birth” of Godzilla I in 1954, suggests that this monster has existed in its current state for millennia, largely unchanged since time began.

His ancient, battle-scarred body, as well as the old world’s records of the creature locked in combat with other monsters, leads scientists to believe that the LEGENDARY GODZILLA arises every few millennia to fight enemies old and new. The Shinomura, being an instinctual foe from the monster’s era (which possibly dates back to BEFORE the dinosaurs), brought the legendary beast back out of hibernation.

It is not known as of this writing how the current Godzilla will react to his ancient ancestor reappearing in the world. One thing is for sure - it could be the war of monsters to end all monster wars.


  • Incredibly huge and armored body makes him nearly impervious to physical damage
  • Atomic breath
  • Old and slow body
  • Possible healing factor...most abilities still unknown

UP NEXT: Shinomura

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Your kaiju redesigns are astounishings.

Just want to ask : is it possible that I use them ?

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Coming back to this after seeing KOTM for the second time, I have to ask, will there be a Legendary Ghidorah? just out of curiosity.

PaleoartStudios's avatar

I've seen your Godzilla designs many times in the past, and your work is outstanding!

shadowdotm's avatar

Badass Legendary Godzilla!

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Wow!, Legendary Godzilla looks so awesome!

Raptor0999's avatar
Raptor0999's avatar
Legendary Godzilla, The Alpha Predator🦖
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Godzilla III would probably shit himself. It’s never wise to disrespect your elders.

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Should do a new version with the updated powers and appearance of Legendary Goji. But you did just recently announced your work with Legendary. So that could be a good time. Would also like to see a depiction of this Goji and Godzilla I, like you hinted at in the description.
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My dude! How am I only now finding you?!

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this the 2019 godzilla?
RasenganLucario's avatar
Is it just me, or does this version of Godzilla look more... muscular, than the other Toho versions?


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Hey I know that you have the MUTO prime planned to face off with Goji L in boston, but I wanted to ask. Since there is one ghidorah, will he and Goji L ever meet or fight?

SuperSpartanPikachu's avatar

I want to see the big G vs L-G

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Although Godzilla has regenerative ability (to some extent), I love that she has some broken back plates and scars from past fights. They highlight their long age; In fact, Legendary Godzilla is an old guy (old but still strong). :D
I think this is a feature that legendary should have taken into account.

Taking into account that reptiles do not stop growing throughout their life, I like to think that not all members of him species reach maturity and less reach old age, and Godzilla is one of those few cases (bigger among those of its kind, which takes a lot of time).
SuperSpartanPikachu's avatar

Yeah I agree sort of with that, that most of his species have died off due to age and the only reason why L-G has survived so long was due to genetics and the fact that he constantly goes into a state of hibernation. Plus legendary did take it into account because officially L-G has grown over the past 4 years between the two movies.

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well, in KotM, he was enlarged just to overshadow Shin. Although reptiles grew throughout their lives, but at a very slow pace.
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All hail the motherfucking king, baby!

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Godzilla Neo, when it comes to sheer Awesomeness, You never disappoint.  
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Legendary Godzilla: It ain't fat! It's all muscle!
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2019 godzilla is better than 2014
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if you are talking about the movie, yeah, sure, I can agree. But if you are talking about the type of Godzilla and the desig... 2019 and 2014 pretty much look almost exactly the same.:.

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