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Godzilla Neo - HEDORAH

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Pollution Monster

Max Height: 70 meters
Max Mass: 40,000 metric tons
Type 3 - Uber Class

Of all the atrocities that humankind as a whole is responsible for, there is little more horrific than the careless discarding of waste materials that no animal, plant, or any other lifeform on our little blue planet can re-utilize, and as a result, pollution is slowly but ever-so-surely strangling Earth to death.
It goes without saying that, under the right circumstances, an amalgamation of the pure destructive wickedness that is pollution would rise from its own muck, and utilize Man's true sin against it. HEDORAH was such a creature.
The first appearence of the monster was chalked up to many sightings of boat-sized, tadpole-shaped beasts, which eventually made their way to the garbage-choked waters surrounding Japan, amalgamated into one giant, formless blob of a monster and slithered its way onto land, hunting for the awful pollutants spilling out of factories and the waste pouring out of cities to feed itself. In its most "natural" form, Hedorah hardly attempts to maintain a solid shape, but its unique physical structure allows its to re-configure itself, using whatever intelligence works in that disgusting body, into a new form in order to combat whatever obstacle lies in its path.
The only creature to ever fight Hedorah and emerge victorious was none other than Godzilla, King of the Monsters, and even such a mighty beast was nearly felled by the Smog Monster, after being smothered, choked, burned, beaten and maimed. Indeed, Godzilla hates Hedorah above all other monsters, and even after the creature's apparent death, there's no ruling out the possibility of another's existence.
Hedorah's origin is a complete and total mystery, as it seems impossible that such an animal could even exist, even if it was extraterrestrial. However, it makes a strange sort of sense to think that, should the planet become totally polluted and devoid of natural life, then creatures like Hedorah would actually flourish, which leads one to believe....could Hedorah be the next logical step in evolution?

NOTE: It seems as though hopes were dashed all too soon, as unconfirmed reports indicate that somewhere near Argentina, a new, similar kaiju has been sighted, with the name "Deathla" being thrown around G-FORCE HQ...

-Able to shape-shift to different forms, including aquatic form (like a tadpole), a flying form, and a fighting form (bipedal)
-Can spray a sulfuric acid which can kill biomass and corrode steel
-Uses bodily fluids (all acidic and poisonous) to flood areas and even try to kill large enemies
-Can absorb any material into mass, but seeks out highly concentrated areas of pollution to feed
-Able to extend appendages to attack prey
-Projectiles absorbed into mass, and explosions merely scatter pieces that will eventually re-form into whole body
-Body largely unaffected by Godzilla II's atomic breath (though Godzilla III's breath would likely do more damage)
-Only vulnerable to being massively dehydrated, and such a feat is nearly impossible without a colossal amount of resources and time

UP NEXT: Gigan
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This looks more gross than that scene in Godzilla Vs Hedorah when we see Godzilla getting crapped on by a laughing Hedorah.

Keep in mind that's not bad because Hedorah is just a pile of crap with legs that can fly.

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LightsourceHero Digital Artist
I saw one eye parasite
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xaviir20Student Artist
Made of pollution and sewers of toxic waste snort all that in one sniff and your done in seconds wonder how Godzilla is able to beat him without getting killed from the stench and toxic waste it is made of
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NhymnSymphonyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hedorah is Godzilla cells that got absorbed by space dust that did not form into planets. The existence of the mutation is infinite enough in the Godzilla Universe that it must have transcended to a fragmented setting. Allowing a Pollution monster formed in space. Flying around as a meteorite until harvested by aliens and brought to earth after further study of Space Godzilla.

The point is Godzilla cells mixed with Anti life carrying chemicals and matter and then evolved into a living organism that thrives off pollution.
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one of my favorite kaiju
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StevenSerisawaHobbyist Writer
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Any reason why?
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StevenSerisawaHobbyist Writer
Because he can have his own opinion?. 
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StevenSerisawaHobbyist Writer
How witty, that must have took you a while to come up with.  

Grow up and get with the real world. Sorry not everyone in the world shares your opinion, it's just that, an opinion, not a law. The world does'nt conform to your wishes.

Yeah it sucks I know, but it's a fact of life you should be used to by now. 
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Maybe if you scrolled down, you would have realised I was asking in earnest. Dumbass
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StevenSerisawaHobbyist Writer
Hardly, I am however not always emotionally stable however and I MAY have a tendency to overreact and misjudge people I don't know.  

Honestly all you said was 'That is all reasons for "meh"'and 'Meh', it's hard to be sure of what your intent was, especially over the internet. I can and have seen people use that term rudely to belittle other's opinions.  
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Because I didn't find the form or concept interesting. Please read what I say
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From his design, his forms, and what he is in general
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That is all reasons for "meh"
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Im assuming you dont find a lot in hedorah, but that's fine, you do you and I'll continue liking hedorah
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I agree with Mecha-GREGOLE the red eye is better
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In a Toho series there is a variation of Hedorah called Deathbaa and Neo Deathbaa
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That film was sadly never made and it's Deathla not Deathbaa and Neo Hedorah is from Godzilla Island I hope I helped out with the confusion.

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Deathbaa and Neo Deathbaa are from the Sazer-Z series.
Deathbaa Photo:
Deathbaa render by chrisufray
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