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Ancient Dinosaur

Length: 65 ft
Mass: 10 tons

Towards the end of the Cretaceous Period, the mightiest of theropod dinosaurs were officially outclassed by one massive species of predator: the GODZILLASAURUS ORIENTALIS.
The species wasn't officially named until the discovery of the first fossils in 1961, located in Southern China (not far from the Sea of Japan). It has long been theorized that GODZILLA's species called Japan (or a prehistoric equivalent) their home territory, and likely lived in a large island chain that has since shifted and sank into the Pacific.
The Godzillasaurus body structure is very similar to other carnosaurids, with the exception of being elegantly adapted to a semi-aquatic lifestyle. Fish and other seagoing animals were likely big on Godzillasaurus's list of prey, but they spent a large amount of time on land, where they hunted Angilasaurs and other herbivores as prey.
The last known specimen of G. orientalis were witnessed on the island of Lagos, where, upon retroactive study, there were at least 2 (perhaps more) of these dinosaurs, who had remarkably been by-passed by evolution and the climactic shifts of the planet. Thanks to the Bravo blast, both animals were mutated and became GODZILLA I and GODZILLA II. The creatures were both male (yes, Godzilla I's skeletal structure was typical of male theropod dinosaurs), so it has even been suggested that they were siblings of the same nest. It has also been noted that, due to reports near the Bering Sea around WWI, "monsters" were identified thawing from the ice and making their way south. Coincidence?

NOTE: We should count ourselves lucky that none of the Godzillas to date have been female, considering the growth patterns of carnosaurid genders, and just how much bigger and more ferocious the females were...

- Can run at 12 mph
- Can swim at 20 mph
- Able to use dorsal plates as cooling units and mating displays
- Paddle-like tail used for underwater propulsion
- Can emit a napalm-like breath (see: Bombadier Beetle) to drive away powerful adversaries

UP NEXT: Gigamoth
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Looks like gorosaurus,idk why

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Spike-McFinnHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm reminded of the T-Rex from the Jurassic Park films, even though this was from before those movies.
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Cool picture but uhhh... Godzillasaurus as a character itself feels unreasonable in my opinion. Hard to explain, but I think you understand. 
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Move over, Indominus Rex...
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Not a bi fan of this one. I love the idea of the Finn tail but it just looks like a T. rex with fins slapped on it. Like that movie “Poseidon rex” I feel this could have been done better. It’s mostly the head I don’t like, maybe a head more like your “Godzilla jr” neo design would look better 
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RWGNStudent Digital Artist
This is the real dinosaur king
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RulerofprehistoryHobbyist Digital Artist
may i please draw this creature in your honor?
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would love to see a female godzilla.
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Mecha-GREGOLE ur a pretty good critic. Ur respectful but still get the point across.
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CrazyGamerDragon64Hobbyist General Artist
Even after all these years I'm still drawn to this piece, I believe that Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich wanted to make Godzilla look like something out of Jurassic Park when they made their movie, they should have made their design more like this if they wanted to get more popularity and respect from the fanbase.
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kingbiollanteHobbyist Traditional Artist
Keep in mind that Roland Emmerich actually HATED Godzilla, so I doubt that he wanted a respectful design.
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kingcool243Student General Artist
I bet he saw Godzilla's Revenge before he made the movie and because of that he hated Godzilla.
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stop with the fuss about All Monsters Attack
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This one is difficult for me to critique because... honestly, I dislike the whole idea of the godzillasaurus. I liked him when he was already a giant monster lurking beneath the ocean, who was disturbed and scarred by the atom bomb, but not truly created by it.

It's a reasonably decent theropod design, though it doesn't look particularly adapted to swim.
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BaryMinerStudent Traditional Artist
wait.....carnosaur? So.....not tyrannosaur?
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DarkOrthusStudent Artist
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Gojira1999Hobbyist General Artist
GOOD because you had me worried for a second. 
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DragonesSaurusRexHobbyist General Artist
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Voiced by Scott McNeal 
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U will see when it's done
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The only things not changed were his fire breath and facial apperance his legs were slightly more arched then normal and his arms shorter... The atomic fire is a defense mechanism made from atomic energy stored in their bodies and several fire producing gases combined and projected from their mouths...
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