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Godzilla Neo - EL GUSANO

(I'm honestly not digging this style much anymore, so I may go back to a harder comic style for the final handful)

Humongoid Worm

LENGTH: 120 meters
MASS: 20,000 metric tons

Monique slapped a new set of photos on Nick's desk, stating (not asking, mind you) that something else was happening in Mexico. The satellite photos depicted strange patterns across the farmlands of the countryside, and the words "EL GUSANO HIGANTE" being tossed around the Mexican military. With HEAT off and away once more, ZILLA was in hot pursuit.

Gusano was a massive and dangerous monster, considerably more aggressive than C-REX, and had a penchant for devouring long stretches of countryside, which included soil, produce, livestock, people, and anything else too slow or too unlucky to get out of the way. What was left behind was a series of ravines lined with some of the freshest soil Nick had ever seen. In the long run, Gusano could re-make the planet's surface, paving the way for new forests across the world...unfortunately, something like that wasn't in the cards for the human race, so Gusano had to be destroyed.

When Zilla and Gusano began to fight, the Mexican military arrived and blasted the monsters with a bio-chem-weapon of a new design, and while it sent Zilla staggering for the water, Gusano was actually supercharged and his mutation advanced!

Thankfully, Zilla was saved by a reluctant Dr. Craven and a counter-poison he concocted out of the same flowers used to make the BCW. Gusano had taken a liking to the flowers, which was why he made his home in that particular part of the country. Zilla came ashore and quickly dispatched the creature with a flurry of atomic fire.

This time, the dehydrated Gusano was captured by HEAT and studied...and once again, traces of G-Cells were detected!

It was time for answers.

- Thick, rubbery hide repells tank shells
- Able to burrow with remarkable speed.
- Gains an energy boost from a particular breed of flower.

UP NEXT - Kamoebas
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I'm confused. Does this take place in the same continuity of the Monsterveres and HEAT captured El Gusano as part of a deal they made with Monarch. Like HEAT and Monarch have a partnership going and Monarch promised HEAT a monthly funding and to leave Zilla alone as long as HEAT helped monarch in capturing these mutations sense the would be classified as a form of titans.

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This whole idea was brought up long before the Monsterverse was a thing.

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You should really consider making your own comic book series about giant mutated beasts invading several areas around the globe! The various territories of these beasts may determine the creature's abilities and looks. 
- I know I'm repeating other comments, but the Spanish for giant is Gigante.
- I liked more the original, bulky look.
- Could you do more of Godzilla: The Animated Series's mutations? I would like to see your take in some of them.
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I prefer this to the original. I didn't like how bulky the original was, and its chin was just way too big. I like how this El Gusano looks, though. I like the large mouth hole, I feel like that kind of mouth is perfect for worm monsters. 
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While it definitely looks more like a worm, I really miss the bulk and the grin, and the general more ambiguous monsteriness of the original.
I've never thought G-neo engaged in very much raptorization, but this one is definitely a victim of it, I'm sorry to say.
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Oh man Matt, I wish you could have made more monsters from the show. I'd love to see your take on the King Cobra.
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My name is Casey.
JW-Gojifan's avatar
I thought I was talking to the artist
love your style of Work
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Not as chunky has I remember but still this is a good looking Kaiju. Well done.
Luckysweep's avatar
That cartoon was the only good thing to come from the 1998 movie. Wish it did better than it did, though.
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Voiced by J.B. Blanc 
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Because he voiced Bane?
ask-theangelofsouls's avatar
And his name is spanish 
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Prefer the show's chubbier design, but this one is pretty awesome too. Great work.
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Where's King Cobra, Skeetera and Q-Bee?
Oh please its awsome believe it
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So thats what the Horde used to sink cities in Gears of War 2.
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acctually is gigante not ''h''igante
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are you sure is higante? because the word for giant in spanish is gigante.
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