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Godzilla KOM issue 10 cover

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BAM. Since the cover's been announced, here's a poop monster!
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Hedorah is such an underrated kaiju 
HYPERGODZILLAHobbyist Filmographer
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koushiro1180Hobbyist Photographer
the black blob mankind created
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dragonfan810Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dah smog monster :3
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WynautWarriorHobbyist Artist
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Casirethedragon11Hobbyist Traditional Artist
now that's a big pile of sh*t XD
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Waves of shit flooding the city!
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Why am I suddenly hearing him singing "Toxic Love" from Fern Gully?
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Bazil3282Hobbyist Writer
Godzilla vs Hedorah is the first Godzilla movie I saw. I was eight years old back then and this movie (as well as Hedorah himself) was absolutely terrifying to me. But I liked it anyway :P.

Hedorah was actually one of the most powerful Godzilla's foes - Godzilla needed the humans' help do defeat him.
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WynautWarriorHobbyist Artist
Hedorah is terrifying without him even destroying anything
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spacezillazonHobbyist General Artist
Awesome job you got the sludge and sponge like monster.well detailed,colored
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Master-of-the-BootHobbyist Writer
I personally thought this fucker was one of the scariest Godzilla monsters out there
WynautWarrior's avatar
WynautWarriorHobbyist Artist
He is
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Hedorah X destroyah = ultimate pollution tag team, idk if even Godzilla could take them both down together with out serious back up
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scythemantisHobbyist General Artist
Hedorah looking as awesome as ever!

But while shit monsters can be cool too, why has the fandom decided Hedorah is made of poo? He's made of smog and industrial waste!
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I like how Optimus Prime is sticking out of the sludge at the bottom left hand corner.
FearlessKaiju's avatar
I like how the missiles are sticking out of his head. lol.
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Despite looking totally ridiculous, i think that Hedorah is one of the most powerful monsters mankind has ever faced with its ability to cause so much damage over such a wide area in such a short time. as a Godzilla opponent, its right up there with King Ghidorah and Desostroya, Godzilla needed the army's help to kill the thing.
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Atomic-NerdStudent Traditional Artist
I spy with my little masers, a jet beetle, optimus prime, high tesion wires, thoes crazy maser jet/heliocopter things from godzilla and mothra BFE.
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Atomic-NerdStudent Traditional Artist
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dang, haven't seen him in a while, thx
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kaijuverseProfessional Traditional Artist
Cool !
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Lol... the clock from the opening credits of GvH. Very nice touch. Also, is that suppose to be a plane or the Science Patrol VTOL (from Ultraman) in the bottom right?

Very awesome cover.
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I am the great mighty poo and I wil throw my shit at you!
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