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Godzilla KOM Issue 5 RE cover

By KaijuSamurai
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Aaaaaand issue 5! This one also found its way onto Tohokingdom, so apparently it's cool to post :)
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Well, if my buddy UltraGWRzilla is 100, then consider ME 101.:D Anyway, this really is an awesome piece. From looking at it, i can safely say that it incorporates everything that makes King Ghidorah so horrendously evil, and completely badass. The picture screams "King Of Terror", and manages to bring about the scariness, and the intimidation of our 3 headed god of destruction. This is really great, and i'm still glad i Favorited this. Keep up the epicness, my friend.:D
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Hmm, at 99 comments? I think I'll be number one hundred ;) I'll say the same old same old: Good Job; terrifying, stupendous beyond anything ever seen by mankind. Just, I hope to see Ghidorah the full on bad guy by the time  he next ongoing series comes out, just to justify this image of truly tyrannical Terror God-ship :)  
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King Ghidorah: I am...Lightning...I am......DEATH!
Godzilla's NEMESIS!!!
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king ghidorah is my favorite
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While I think Spacegodzilla would be Godzilla's most dangerous opponent... King Ghidorah definitely takes the cake for being his greatest.  This guy just doesn't quit! 
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Also it took Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodon to beat King Ghidorah
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This is awesome. :D
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Ghidora was always one of the better monsters. Especially in Final Wars when he popped up as from that other one. Drawing looks sick dude!
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That wasn't King Ghidorah. That was Kaizer Ghidorah. If you've seen Rebirth of Mothra, he looks like Desghidorah with the four legs and small wings. Also, Kaizer Ghidorah is much stronger than King Ghidorah.
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I like the version of him where he's walking on all fours (the upgraded version).
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That's Kaizer Ghidorah. After Rebirth of Mothra, Ghidorah was no longer just the name of one monster, it was the name of a species.
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Godzilla's most powerful foe along with Destroyah.
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Beautiful. Some people consider death to be an ugly thing. Why then does it use such a beautiful avatar such as this magnificent hydra?
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Where can I find the comic with this cover
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NEXT ISSUE! :D Though I'm not sure if Ghidorah will actually appear in issue 5... Maybe a cliffhanger thing, giving enough breathing space for Mothra and her side of the story.
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