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Gamera Complete Collection - LEGION

By KaijuSamurai
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Another one! Blu Ray available this August!
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Heisei Gamera has some great looking monsters.

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Looks super awesome as always. I think Legion is my favorite Gamera enemy out of them all.

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Awesome work

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I never noticed before that Mother Legion's egg chamber resembles a giant heart XD, excellent work!

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AntidotethelizardHobbyist Traditional Artist

wouldve been funny if it was called romeo

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kinda looks like Knifehead

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KaijugameHobbyist Traditional Artist

Still need to see this one.

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Great work.

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oh hell yeah! bro the legion queen was the dopest monster gamera ever fought!

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I mean how did its suit work in the first place?

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Looking at pictures of the suit? There was a person in it with their legs in the front legs and the rest was likely controlled either by puppetry or remote controlled animatronics.

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kahnacHobbyist Writer

Now imagine her meeting up with either the Grand King, or Titan King Ghidorah......and the two finding commonality in terraforming worlds by killing all life? And it resulted in them uniting against their common enemies? King Ghidorah, and Queen Legion: THAT is something to fear.

I worry that not even Godzilla and Gamera alone could stop this "Deadly Alliance". (Kudos to all who get this reference, obvious as it should be.XD);)

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Mother Legion looks so cool and terrifying at the same time.

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