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GYAOS Redesign

TMNT/Jem artist mooncalfe and I love talking kaiju so we've been challenging each-other to make *new* redesigns! First up is our favorite bioluminescent lady of the night, GYAOS!
(And yes, Gyaos was bio-glowy before any other kaiju!)
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I would love to see either a movie, comic, or animated series of Gamera with these designs.

The one thing that creeps me out a bit is that when the Gyaos fires its Supersonic Scalpel, its jaws and head split apart.

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Tadpole? An animal that starts out as aquatic and then turns its fins into wings? Interesting. I like it better for an alien creature than for a reptil, but it's still interesting.

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Now this is something intuitive. I really like how faithfull yet radically different this design is, aswell as the implications of a relation to Irys (could ofc just be me seeing his head that way).

I also find it really cool that you gave Gyaos two different modes, really nice that you included something whack xD

Rodan: Finally, a worthy opponent! OUR BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY!!!

ThePuttySCULPTOR's avatar

A little bit of Iris incorporated in this design? She looks really cool

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This is really cool. I like that there are some Iris influences in the design. Makes their connection even more apparent.
SharptoothRabbit's avatar

Oooooooh that's very cool!

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We Need A New Gamera Movie With Your Redesigns ASAP!

KaijuLord100's avatar

Is it like a Gyaos/Irys fusion?

KaijuZillax's avatar

lol shut the fuck up scammer

Danzilla1996's avatar

Not a fan of the mouth. Otherwise, quite cool.


All fun and games before he wakes up and just goes, "I wanna work on Pacific Rim art."

Lord help us all when he makes a Jaeger look like it can take on an entire planet....

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Heerog's avatar

Cool design!

Finally, Anvil Head has elbows!

KingKaijuGojira's avatar

I love it. Gyaos looks menacing and awesome

KingShisa08's avatar

Hey Kawakida

If you ever plan on doing a Gamera reboot hire this man!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

If Gamera ever makes it into the Monserverse, they HAVE to give him his classic foe, and this would be the perfect design for her ;)

StevenSerisawa's avatar

That's a pretty big if. Gamera's nowhere near as popular as Godzilla or Kong, so his name won't rack in big bucks in here in North America, not helped by the legal issues and rivalries involved.

Sad as it is, the effort of getting Gamera into the monsterverse is not worth the time and effort. Barley any Americans even known about Gamera (and many who do just see the cheesy 60's movies as what defines him), and studios hate taking risks.

Especially for something that's doing poorly to begin with, honestly I am quite worried about the Monsterverse. KOTM was a surprising miss-step for the monsterverse, and the bad word of mouth really has me worried me about GvK.

Personally I just wanna see Gamera get well...anything, regardless of if it is a part apart of the monsterverse, which is almost certainty strictly for Toho kaiju (and Kong...who himself has strong ties to Godzilla).

Honestly part of me actually prefers the idea Gamera NOT being in the monstervse, and instead getting his own new series with it's own unique mythology and concepts.

Old-Stargazer's avatar

I love the splitting head idea!

DragnBoi65's avatar

I know it won't happen but it would be cool to see Gamera creatures in the Monsterverse. I can see this as a servant to Ghidorah.

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