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GO GO POWER RANGERS Matt Frank Variant Cover #1

My cover for Boom! Studios' upcoming GO GO POWER RANGERS issue 1! Available exclusively from either Heroes and Fantasies in San Antonio on July 26th or from me!   
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Should be an animated series with the original MMPR cast doing the voice-overs.

BillyCreator1999's avatar
Awesome of this dinosaur is so amazing great
DragonTurtle2's avatar
Zordon looks awfully pleased with himself.
DragonRa890's avatar
i need to get this cover 
TheNiceCommenter's avatar
This is awesome. I especially like the zords, as they look like the emotional entities from DC Comics.
shockaLocKer's avatar
Oooo yey feathers
julian0123's avatar
It's so awesome :D
Zachosau's avatar
That looks cool
EmeraldGrizzly's avatar
It almost looks like the dinos are spirits like the Lanterns of DC have entities.
CipherDraco54's avatar
Mr. Frank, a job well done.#1 
Avatar-J24's avatar
Wow. II mean that amazing
Diosgato13's avatar
fbwash's avatar
Fantastic Job!!!
Kurotitan7125's avatar
Why is there no Mosasaur?
Erix19's avatar
MMPR didn't have a mosasaur zord. That's why. They did have the Dragonzord, though.
ZipDraw's avatar
Love the composition here. Great work!
BriteStarRobot's avatar
Alpha is so cute here! I love it!
KaijuTango's avatar
Better than the film in my opinion
Nintendians's avatar
it look nice, but a feather t-rex? kind throw it off a little.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Well, it is not completely feathered ( which fits with our current knowledge about Tyrannosaurus. The media gets it wrong, as usual. ) And as far as Power Rangers and T.rexes go, the one in Dino Charge has them, too.…
Nintendians's avatar
that look like they did a quick edit of jurassic park t-rex. but kaijusamurai's version isn't that bad.
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
More or less, yes.

Agree about this version.
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