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Mini-posters I made for each Gamera film for the GAMERA COMPLETE COLLECTION from Arrow Video! 
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ShadowDragon6114Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Do you have full page shots of those last four covers? Because while your art makes all of them look great, those last four are my favorites and the only movies I really care about from this franchise. Though the last one is still iffy to me. I mainly love the trilogy.
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Barugon is still my favorite, but I'm biased because he's one of my favorite kaiju.

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These are so sweet, I can't wait for this collection.

Do you know if the heisei trilogy has the text translated, too? My current set only translates the dialogue and not any of the written text, which is always super distracting.

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Does anyone know why Gamera isn't in the MonsterVerse?

I mean, it's supposed to be a rights things, but doesn't Toho own Gamera? And the Monsterverse is all about making new movies out of the Toho monsters...

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KaijuSamuraiProfessional Artist

Nope, Toho does not own Gamera. The character was originally owned by Daiei, and now is owned by Kadokawa. The Monsterverse is also limited in which kaiju can officially appear in the films because each monster requires separate copyright negotiations and licensing fees.

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You know I just watched the Guardian of the Universe today

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Which one is your favorite Camera Movie?

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jimsupremeProfessional Traditional Artist

looking forward to the box set. simply beautiful work as always.

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Gamera's been getting quite the resurgence lately. That's good. He needs some love too.

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Maybe it's a sign.

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That Epic Gamera art covers! :)

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Woot Woot

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Absolutely amazing
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StretchyGalFanHobbyist General Artist

Is it wrong for me expecting to see the gang from MST3K silhouetted in the lower corner of some of those posters? :B

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They're the whole reason I discovered Gamera in the first place!

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Mindslave24-7Hobbyist General Artist
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Epic! The Heisei films have the best covers! :D

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Oh my god... they are amazing!

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Oh this is just great.

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Do any of the movies come with English dubs?

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KaijuSamuraiProfessional Artist

All of them!

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Really? Including the first movie, as well as both AIP and Sandy Frank dubs?

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