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Destroy All Monsters

By KaijuSamurai
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A print that will be available on the Guzu Gallery's website in December! Stay tuned!
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This is a great piece - I made an attempt to colorize it

Don't you think destroy all monsters was sort of like the Avengers endgame of its time?
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Still one of the greatest kaiju battles of all time.
Is there a colored version of this?  I'd be very intere$ted in that.
in a way, i feel sorry for ghidorah, if he was assisted by megalon, gigan and mechagodzilla, the fight would have been more interesting than a dozen monsters beating him down.
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who's the snake on the bottom left
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Really love it, and it
really makes me
wished that Manda, Baragon and Varan we're in action instead of watching the fight. But overall, amazing job.
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I LOVE ITHeart Heart Heart  
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I wish they used the Showa design of Godzilla in some of the comics. 
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It was the smoke ring around his neck that defeated him.
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Seemed more like a one-side butchering to me XD
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Idiot Kilaaks got no tactical sense!  Grounding Ghidorah where all Monsters could get at him instead of jus' fling around raining down lighting on all their heads. Only two or three Earth Kaiju could have come up after him.  And why not send in the flaming saucer at the same time, to give the King a bit of backup.  Y'know, concentration of forces? Like, basic tactics 101.
well that is true however another question to ask is why they did not call Gigan to help out the king. also the Showa King Ghidorah cant really hover, as a result he cant rain fire down for the sky as he has to move in order to fly. however ya im having a bit of trouble recalling just what happens in the battle as its been years since i paid attention to the actual battle in DAM. last time i watched it i was also working on a gunpla so i did not pay much attention to it. -_-' However i prefer Final Wars over DAM.
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Gigan couldn't show up because he hadn't been created yet.  If Ghidorah could not hover, he could fly circles above the Earth Kaiju and do his lightning thing.  Here is that battle, in sadly low quality:…  Final wars has a lot to recommend for it - especially the Kaiju redesigns, especially Gigan and Godzilla and especially not Anguirus who seems to have gained all the weight everyone else lost.
Hmm techiquly this is true, however its what i call a string theory paradox, as DAM takes place around the year 2000. so gigan could be around and was just unable to be called on. 
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That works for me, thanks!
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Such an awesome picture. :XD: I love everything about this piece!
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Awesome tribute! It's cool that you actually show Baragon, Manda and Varan in battle unlike in the actual film. Poor Ghidorah he's getting gang rapped by all these Kaiju and he has no back up none whatsoever. If they ever remake this film Ghidorah should be teamed up with other evil space Kaiju hell bent on world domination. That well make the fight a little more fair. 
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