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Destoroyah Strikes

A belated birthday gift :)
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Destoroyah, the Toho's Godzilla kaiju-equivalent of DC Comics Superman's Doomsday!

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Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters is going to have the Oxygen Destroyer used against Godzilla and King Ghidorah during their first fight.

With that accursed Bomb, this guy's likely not too far behind.....
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The Doomsday of kaiju!!!
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awesomely terrifying and terrifyingly awesome
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Without a doubt one of the largest and most evil looking foes Godzilla faced. It was a great movie, though sad. Still, this is as scary as the monster I saw as a kid lol
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DESTROYAH... the living breathing satanic hell dragon... gotta love ya
If destroyah teamed up with hedorah they would destroy the world
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Ah, Destoroyah, if i recall, isn't that the movie where Godzilla dies and the army ends up taking this guy out?
Weird, yes, but it gave the moviegoers a satan-dragon so who cares? XD
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Actually, if you want to get technical with it, it was a combination of thermal shock and hitting the ground. Being around Burning Godzilla's immense heat, then being shot with freeze weapons (Mazers?) would result in a pretty nasty chain reaction (then again, they only shot its wings if I recall). When it hit the ground, the immense force its weight and the the shock obliterated the creature.

So, in a way, it was unintentional suicide.
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Destoroyah was always one of my favorite G-villains.
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My Second favorite Godzilla enemy, second only to King Ghidorah
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Crazy Epic!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! :D
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now that is what i like to call a "pile of cold hard cash"
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Very cool and detailed face of Destoroyah!
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wow that's incredibly amazing art! Really catches the scariness & on how terrible Destroyah is!!!!!! :wow:
The monster with the catchiest name ever :Y
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That just looks vicious. Great work!
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Omg that is just breath taking. Well done. Next to ur "Titanosaurs Rising" this is my favorite headshot
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