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Deathsaurus Botcon 2015 Print

Deathy is one of my favorite TF characters, so here's a tribute! Just in time for Buttcon!
Lineart by :iconkaijusamurai:
Colors by :icondyemooch:
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it is a shame we never got a toy

I swear that looks like Lidorias from Ultraman Cosmos
Crotchlickmeoff's avatar
Megs got nothing on Deathy!
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YES!! SO EPIC!! I LOVE IT!! He actually looks more like he's a character out of Beast Wars, since he looks more organic in his beast form & robot form in some places.
Mother of God Is this piece beautiful, now one question is it available for purchase ?
ZILLA-Rex's avatar
one word "AMAZING"
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Awesome work never heard of him before
Guyverman's avatar
He looks like Gappa in beast mode.
SpanishBulldog63's avatar
Glad I'm not the only to spot this. Not very often you see art of Gappa.
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Awesome take of Deathsaurus! :D
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Stil remember him in old "Victory" series. :) Still my favorite TF series.
jonkania's avatar
wicked! nice background too ! :)
phoenix-autobot's avatar
Totally and completely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is awesome! Deathsaurus is one of my favourites as well.
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Gee, I wonder why an evil leader who turns into a Kaiju is one of the Godzilla artist's favourites...

Seriously though, epic art.
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Deathsaurus is a literal beast. >)
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This is actually really fitting when you consider his alt mode. This is an all around amazing job.
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