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Creature From the Black Lagoon Monsterama print

By KaijuSamurai
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For Monsterama this weekend!
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KingdomHeartsJII's avatar
Is that Devil Fish?!
Oh no, never mind...still...
"Creature of the Black Lagoon vs Devil Fish"
lunadude's avatar
VERY cool! Love the style and setting. Are prints available?
Godzilla0134's avatar
Amazing one of the best classic monster films ever
Outstanding! This would make a good prologue for a remake. 
funnyfuse1's avatar
Awesome work! If you have the time, please check my work.
Amarok59's avatar
Oooooo . . . hard call!  In the movies we see "Creech" overturn a heavy 1950s sedan . . . swat down a California mountain lion like a fly . . . almost pull the Rita under by dragging on a net cable . . . But Dunkleosteus is about as nasty and huge as it got before the Mesozoic.  I'm afraid it'd be like the Terminator vs. the hydraulic press -- and the press didn't have huge, chisel-like teeth!

Great idea and great print!
MonsterMasher137's avatar
The creature is most definitely dead if a Dunkleosteus is after it!
Lou331's avatar
This made my day!!! my fav creature from the 60s I wish they would do a movie today and bring back The Creature  from the Black Lagoon
and if they do then have JJ do it........
Bracey100's avatar
This is worthy of Art Adams himself!
purplebearcat's avatar
The training to be an Universal Monster is really intense.
KidGladiator's avatar
Dunkleosteus is love, Dunkleosteus is Life
Red-Crown-Comics's avatar
This has got to be one of the best black lagoon print that i have seen in a while. Nice work
HUBLERDON's avatar
Dunkleosteus! Neat!
Khialat's avatar
I'm afraid I think the Gillman's only option here would be fleeing!!!

Great work!
Grebo-Guru's avatar
Looks so spectacular. Like Art Adams drew it!!
Clone-Artist's avatar
One word: Awesome!
Ailthron65's avatar
and chomp only the legs remain the body gone into the abyss.
Atomic-Nerd's avatar
gillman got this
HolyHellishDrake's avatar
Gilman gonna get ate
Marco-the-Scorpion's avatar
I saw that classic universal pictures :creatureblacklagoon: 
PerfectChaos22's avatar
Someone's about to loose an arm
H1TL3RSLAY3R's avatar
And I think it will be the Dunkleosteus!
alwaykerfuffle's avatar
So awesome, love this style.
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