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Honoring The Little Guys #9: SSS9

By KaijuKid
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I missed a week so I'm gonna try and do two this week, so up today is Manjot Beoi as Saradian agent SSS9 from Godzilla vs. Biollante.  The dude was seriously in only two movies, at least according to his online information, but man what an impression.  The mostly quiet killer badass of the second 80s Godzilla film, he makes quite an impression and manages to be rather awesome and Bond-like as a villain, especially in the Japanese version where instead of his goofy dub voice you get his natural voice saying such RIDICULOUS lines as "Kiss, you guys!"  This man deserves ALL the honor, in spite of being an icky G-Cell stealing terrorist.
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Not my Favs
cause is one who Let Godzilla Rampage Tokyo

Godzilla vs Biollante is why on my Despited
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That's too bad, my friends and I always found this guy hilarious, especially in the Japanese dub.  "Kiss, you guys!"
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"Son of a B****, it's that Saradian Agent again!"
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Ah man, the glorious secondary characters in Biollante.  Just another big art of why I love that movie so much.
"Kiss you guys!"
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One of my favorite side character from my favorite movie period.
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YAY!  I adore Biollante, if it wasn't for childhood nostalgia tipping the scale with Gigan it would be my definite favorite G Film.
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He may have been an icky G-Cell stealing terrorist, but he did it with style!
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You are 500% correct!  I would kill for a pin stripe suit so mad as his.
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He's also ridiculously persistent. He seems to be based on guys like 'Golgo 13', the assassin who will get the job done no matter what, even in the most hazardous of situations.

Though the guys who hired him never seemed to get much in the way of karmic comeuppance. 
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I did love the spy games aspect of Godzilla vs Biollante, from Bio Major's machinations to SSS9's sneaky antics, we really haven't seen anything like that since. I wonder whatever became of Bio Major in the end? I figure an evil corporation with the resources and manpower it had could have easily turned up again looking for more Godzilla cells, they just disappeared like the Red Bamboo did back in the Showa era.
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 *shoots about 4-5 soldiers* "Well, thanks you guy!"  Love that scene.
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Oh it was even better in Japanese XD  He shoots them all and says, "KISS, YOU GUYS!"  The first time I saw that in Japanese was at G-Fest in a packed theater, we all yelled, "WHAT?!" in unison and proceeded to laugh our asses off.  It was glorious
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I saw the Japanese version much later. (Thank you dad for imports.) But I had a similar reaction. One hell of a great movie though. I'd like to see him in one of IDW's Godzilla series some day.
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Shit Damn were the real lethal weapons
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Possibly my favorite stupid line from a G film ever, it's just so.....amazing XD
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So true as stupid as that line is its still priceless
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"Son of a bitch! It's that Saradian agent again!"
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Lol you took what I was gonna say! It's a cool line anyway.^^
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Oh man, you're just making me think of how bad all the English spoken dialog is in the film XD  Frick, I love Biollante so much
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