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From Wikipedia: Kaiju is a Japanese word meaning "strange creature". In English, it has come to mean "monster" or "giant monster", referring to creatures of a large size seen in movies from Asia. Many kaiju movies are made in Japan.
Think Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman, and many more!
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It is YOUR responsibility to read these and make sure your submission abides by them. Submissions WILL be denied if they do not abide by these. If you're still confused after reading these rules, contact an admin. Please do not attack admins for enforcing rules.

1. All work must be safe for work and friendly towards children. We have members of all ages. No porn, no extreme gore/violence, and nothing really suggestive, please. We understand blood and gore is a part of kaijus, and that's fine, but nothing so excessive it's just for shock value.

2. All levels of art are welcome, but no WIPs or low effort pieces, please.

3. No screenshots. We do not consider this art, because it's technically not. Taking something from something that's already made is not original. Redraws of screenshots are fine. No low quality edits, either.

4. No bullying or picking on other members. If you don't like what they draw, don't look at it. We're all here from different backgrounds and different styles and if you can't be bothered to accept that, then you're not welcome in the group.

5. No more than three submissions per person per day.

6. ALL ART MUST BE OF A KAIJU. If your piece isn't clear of being kaiju related, it will probably be suspended until you clear up if it's kaiju related or not.

7. Please submit to the correct folder. If you need help, ask an admin! We have MANY folders for MANY monsters, but not all! All the main Godzilla monsters have their own, and there are also folders for if there are multiple Godzilla monsters in an art piece, or 'Other Godzilla Monsters' for monsters that don't have their own folders!

8. No human forms of kaiju allowed.

9. No stolen art, obviously. If you're caught stealing art/posting other's art without permission, it's a temporary and up to permanent ban.

10. Only submit a piece once, to one folder. If you would like help picking the best folder, please ask an admin!


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ZateticPetra Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2020
Put this up on my site yesterday:
Darwin Award Pokemon Trainer by ZateticPetra  
Darwin Award winning Pokemon trainer
YellyDany Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2020
WickedPugGames Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2020
I just started an indie RPG publisher called Wicked Pug Games, you can check it out on DriveThruRPG. My next project is a kaiju game and I am looking for a full color cover for the book and about a dozen black and white, line illustrations. I would like something that is closer to Pacfic Rim than classic Toho, this is going to be a gritty title. I'm still working on my budget but feel free to include your rates in your inquiry. The time frame for the project is about a month to five weeks.
renz5070 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2020  Hobbyist Artist
Hey. I just made fanart for
Ryan aka the Omni Viewer = is a self-taught expert in the subject KAIJU from all fiction from
King kong - Godzilla - Pacific Rim - Dragons - Robots and other monsters and heroes.
The KAIJU expert the Omni Viewer ! by renz5070  
I would very much like to share my fanart picture of him and the characters with me.
You are always welcome to contact me.
Emerald-Hunter Featured By Owner Edited Jul 19, 2020   Artist
Hi I have two questions. After doing some digging around that I've found some art that breaks the rules so are we just not following them anymore? Or does it only apply to certain individuals. I have just checked the journals and take back about the approval part.

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