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The Premiere Kaiju Art Gallery
Years Ago

Godzilla suit actor Kenpachir Satsuma passed away by GearGades, journal

Kaiju Media by JW-Gojifan, journal

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There's less than two days left to sign up for the Kaiju Galaxy OC Art Jam! 
Kaiju Galaxy (jcink.net)
The Kaiju Galaxy OC Art Jam has started. kaijugalaxy.jcink.net/index.ph…
Feel free to post your original kaiju and have fun.
Heads up everyone, the tournament is scrapped. There's been talks and we're turning this into an art jam. Basically, just post your original kaiju over on the Kaiju Galaxy forum and there's going to be a bit vote to make one the mascot for the forum.
Uhh, I think this group may have been hacked. Moments ago as of writing this the icon was somebody's penis (though it's been changed) and the group info currently reads "kill all (n-words), hail the john lemon legion".

EDIT: The group admin pyrasterran might've been hacked. Not sure. Their icon is gone and a lot of their profile, excluding their art, is missing.

Jeez dont these assholes have anything better to do than screw with folks?

We've done our best to fix the problems on our end but the next few day will be touch and go: sorry for this incredibly terrible inconvenience and the hack who put us into the situation.