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For over a decade, Kaijuden has been the central hub for the collection of kaiju artwork around deviantart. If it is kaiju, chances are you can find it here.
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Kong vs Godzilla by ZombieCentipede
Just wanna see some sharks man by Kevin-Glint
Fireman No22 - Harmonigan by GearGades
Fireman No21 - Green Giller by GearGades
Quality Kaiju Art Showcase
Giant Reefclaw by ColbyStevenson
Commission - Garuda Mech by AlmightyRayzilla
Water Colossus by cyl1981
Giant - SDF-1 Battle Fortress by DanielMead
Godzilla and Other Toho Kaiju, PART 2
Godzilla vs Gigan by Tyrannoraptor-Rex
Devilish Ressurection by PrimalMatt97
2012 Kaiju Kards Set 7 by fbwash
2012 Kaiju Kards Set 8 by fbwash
Gamera and Other Daiei-Kadokawa Kaiju
Daiei Kaiju: Heisei Gamera by LockTrash
Gamera's Back! by Gralegio
The Friend of all Netflix Users by PrimalMatt97
Gamera Heck Yeah by EricMHE
Ultraman and The Ultra Series
Shin Ultraman by pungang
Shin Metron by adivider
Gandar, Kaiju Monster from Ultraseven series by Tulio-Vilela
Ultra Kaiju: Kilazee (Redraw) by LockTrash
King Kong of Skull Island and Beyond
King Kong in CW Summer 2022 Doodle Project by clinteast
Chaoskampf by TrollMans
Prometheus-Redesign by Erroseart
Nozuki by Drakesaurian
Mothra The Queen of The Monsters
Monarch report #6 by mutantapk
Cain Instinct by EricMHE
Mothra Mothers Day by MonsterIsland1969
Godzilla Absolute - MOTHRA IMAGO by EV-ARTWORK
American and Ray Harryhausen Kaiju
Infant Hunger by Alkonavi
Chaos by JSochart
Rhedosaurus by JSochart
Necrosan by JSochart
Pacific Rim
Acid Breather by Alkonavi
Kaiju Keijo!!!!! by lgliang
PRCL: Axehead VS Knifehead by lgliang
Darurat Dua by lgliang
Kaiju from Mythology and Folklore
Valdarich's Dragonology: Garsecgnaedrewyrm by MisterFeelgood
Matriel, Angel of Rain by MisterFeelgood
Halloween '22: Kraken by Monster-Man-08
Lindwurm by Davesrightmind
Kaiju from Comics and Literature
Jawkey by LDN-RDNT
Kaiju from Animation
Zeruel by LockTrash
Super Robots
Commission - Garuda Mech by AlmightyRayzilla
Other Kaiju from Miscellaneous Media
Request Kaisendon by EricMHE
Original Kaiju, PART 2
The Slowest Kaiju by McSlackerton
Impossible Kaiju Crossovers
George VS Mortem Rex by masonmdaythetrex
Fan-Made Redesigns
Shin Minilla by ZombieCentipede
Fan Fiction and Kaiju Comic Strips
Gojira and Nausicaa on a wavelength by Kekkarma
Sketches, Doodles and Basic Inks
Seismoteras by KingGiganoto5
Published Professionals Only
Jawkey by LDN-RDNT
KMAC Submissions
KMAC for July 2012 by Scotwith1T
Kaijuden Presents: GIGARA
Park - Eyeball by pyrasterran
CLOSED - Godzilla Universe
GODZILLA by Jasqreate
CLOSED - Original Kaiju, Part 1
Xlonth the Sun Eater by UndeadKitty13
CLOSED - Other Kaiju from Media, Part 1
Cykor - The Undying Kaiju by earthbaragon
2022 has thus far been a great sleeper year for kaiju / giant monster projects and announcements... ALL OF IT PALES TO GAMERA'S OFFICIAL RETURN!
Sorry, but I really like Gamera. He's really neat and full of meat.
It's just a teaser but exciting and surprising nonetheless!
Now I have a reason to hold onto Netflix for a little bit longer!
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KingKevzilla Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2022  Professional General Artist
There's less than two days left to sign up for the Kaiju Galaxy OC Art Jam! 
Kaiju Galaxy (
KingKevzilla Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2022  Professional General Artist
The Kaiju Galaxy OC Art Jam has started.…
Feel free to post your original kaiju and have fun.
KingKevzilla Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2022  Professional General Artist
Heads up everyone, the tournament is scrapped. There's been talks and we're turning this into an art jam. Basically, just post your original kaiju over on the Kaiju Galaxy forum and there's going to be a bit vote to make one the mascot for the forum.
SharkLord666 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uhh, I think this group may have been hacked. Moments ago as of writing this the icon was somebody's penis (though it's been changed) and the group info currently reads "kill all (n-words), hail the john lemon legion".

EDIT: The group admin pyrasterran might've been hacked. Not sure. Their icon is gone and a lot of their profile, excluding their art, is missing.
Bracey100 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
Jeez dont these assholes have anything better to do than screw with folks?
Enshohma Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
We've done our best to fix the problems on our end but the next few day will be touch and go: sorry for this incredibly terrible inconvenience and the hack who put us into the situation.
earthbaragon Featured By Owner Edited Feb 17, 2022  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah it looks like that...
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