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A group devoted to being a key central for finding Kaiju art and artists, as well as a social and networking tool for kaiju fandom, be it stars like Godzilla, Gamera, and King Kong, to rookies like the Cloverfield monster, the Pacific Rim kaiju, and even original characters created by artists.

Membership has no requirements, other than the ONE GOLDEN RULE; all artwork submitted must involve giant monsters in some manner.

-The top artists will have their work displayed in the Featured gallery.

-There are possibilities for promotions to those committed enough.

What is Kaiju?

For those unfamiliar with the term; Kaiju is Japanese for 'strange creature', or 'monster', while the additional Daikaiju (Dai = big) means giant monster. Fans in America (perhaps even more so than those in Japan) have used Kaiju as a slang phrase for the kind of giant beasts that pop up in Japanese science fiction and fantasy films, most notably Godzilla and his many friends and foes from that ongoing franchise.

Hence the name of our group, Kaijuden - the premier Deviant Art group dedicated to such things.

However, we know Kaiju isn't a perfect term, nor our we limited to the giant monsters from Japan alone...after all, where would the King of the Monsters be without his American forefathers King Kong and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms?

As such, we have plenty of sub-folders and galleries within our group for these foreign giants. Those said galleries are all pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any further questions, you may contact our knowledgeable co-founder Enshohma.

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1,917 Members
2,128 Watchers
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Gallery Folders

Spacegoji (The Superior Clone) by WakkoDemonBoy
Kotetsu Jeeg - Robot Beast Gakki by GearGades
Kotetsu Jeeg - Haniwa Phantom Badon by GearGades
Kong vs Leatherback by MonsterIsland1969
Quality Kaiju Art Showcase
snow titan by unded
sandmantis WIP 4 by unded
Mazinger Series - The Great Marshall of Hell by GearGades
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. by Kongzilla2010
Godzilla and Other Toho Kaiju, PART 2
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. by Kongzilla2010
Kaiju Duo (Redraw) by PlagueDogs123
King and Queen by Herakidpatrol
War Pigs by SpaceDragon14
Gamera and Other Daiei-Kadokawa Kaiju
Daimajin - April 2021 by Enshohma
What Is A Man? by SoulEaterSaku90
Gamera Vs. Gyaos by MyPetDinosaur
Gamera by AndyKluthe
Ultraman and The Ultra Series
The Faces Of Dada by CrookBu41
Giants 9 by DanielMead
Ultraman Dyna - Daikaiju Maricula by earthbaragon
Ultraman Kaiju - Sunflan by earthbaragon
King Kong of Skull Island and Beyond
Squidcrawler by TrollMans
Godzilla Kong History by vashperado
Milton by Phoenix-Fightmaster
Folly of Man: Kong by TrollMans
Mothra The Queen of The Monsters
Mothra 8 by VeryAngryTree
[Kaiju] The Queen of the Monsters by IreneRoxanne666
The Queen of the Monsters (movie version) by IreneRoxanne666
Mothra by ClassicPumpkin
American and Ray Harryhausen Kaiju
Frostbiter by Phoenix-Fightmaster
CineMons: Acceptance by JSComix
One eyed Centaur by masonthetrex
troglodyte by masonthetrex
Pacific Rim
Gipsy Danger by alexmicroheroes
Morning Raid by Setzuo
*COMMISSION* Cyber-Yamarashi by SeanSumagaysay
Gypsy danger by ManiacPaint
Kaiju from Mythology and Folklore
snow titan by unded
NESS by kaijuverse
frost giant by Spoonfayse
happy octopus by kerast
Kaiju from Comics and Literature
SE Giants project, The Posthuman Titan by Dragonthunders
Kaiju from Animation
Mazinger Series - The Great Marshall of Hell by GearGades
Super Robots
GRENDIZER - The Double Harken and the Lunar Phases by FabioListrani
Other Kaiju from Miscellaneous Media
Ninjor by EduardoM
Original Kaiju, PART 2
sandmantis WIP 4 by unded
Impossible Kaiju Crossovers
Gojira.vs.Uragaan by JuneCat
Fan-Made Redesigns
Infant Island: Barakidon by AcroSauroTaurus
Fan Fiction and Kaiju Comic Strips
Kar-Thoom! by KylePattersonDesign
Sketches, Doodles and Basic Inks
Turnaround Commission - Tiger Kaiju by NazRigar
Published Professionals Only
NESS by kaijuverse
KMAC Submissions
KMAC for July 2012 by Scotwith1T
Kaijuden Presents: GIGARA
Park - Eyeball by pyrasterran
CLOSED - Godzilla Universe
The Three-headed Devil by LazyRemnant
CLOSED - Original Kaiju, Part 1
Titanus Wirbon (Monsterverse OC) by ZilonKing
CLOSED - Other Kaiju from Media, Part 1
Kaijuology: the Book of Giant Monsters by VentureWorld
While we all eagerly await for Godzilla vs Kong this coming Wednesday, I would like to share something humorous and offbeat in a turtle shell to help ease your kaiju cravings if at all possible.
Last year, me and my friends wrote, filmed, preformed, and produced a fan-made series entitled MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER VS GAMERA: ROUND II, featuring the three older era Gamera films that were never featured on the cult comedy series.
Here's the very first entry featuring GAMERA vs. VIRAS (1968).

Here is the second episode, featuring GAMERA VS. JIGER (1970).

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